Discover the Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Forney, Texas You Must Try


Take a delicious tour into the heart of Forney, where a gourmet tapestry of unique tastes awaits. In “Italian Restaurants in Forney You Must Try,” we highlight the city’s hidden treasures and popular eating destinations that embody the essence of Italian cuisine. From little trattorias to luxury ristorantes, each restaurant offers a distinct combination of history and innovation, guaranteeing a symphony of sensations to excite your taste buds.

Join us as we discover the rich scents, superb craftsmanship, and welcoming atmosphere that define Forney’s Italian eating scene. Prepare to have an extraordinary culinary experience, with each mouthful telling a narrative about culinary passion.

1. Eno’s Pizza Tavern

  • Address: 215 S Bois D Arc St, Forney, TX 75126
  • Phone number: (469) 720-0400
  • Description: Pizza restaurant

Nestled in the center of a lively neighborhood, this restaurant stands out for its wonderful cuisine, notably its mouthwatering pizzas and the much-lauded truffle cheese bread. Patrons enthuse about the top-tier cheese pizzas, frequently naming them as personal favorites, with others professing to want to eat here every day. The bruschetta and sweet meat are also well-regarded for their tastes.

While the food consistently impresses, the service is a mix of highs and lows; servers such as Roxie and Blake are praised for their excellent recommendations and attention, but there are times when the staff appears overwhelmed, particularly during peak hours with large parties, resulting in longer waits for food and drinks. Despite these periodic service problems and sanitation oversights, diners are eager to return, confirming the restaurant’s position as a culinary jewel worth seeing.

2. Napoli’s Forney Italian Bistro

  • Address: 780 E US Hwy 80, Forney, TX 75126
  • Phone number: (972) 564-0336
  • Description: Italian eatery, chicken restaurant, pasta business.

Napolis Italian Restaurant, located in the center of Forney, stands out as a culinary jewel, delighting customers with authentic Italian cuisine and great service. The mood is great, with gentle music and delicate lighting providing an intimate environment suited for both families and friends. Despite occasional waits and a little higher price point than the surrounding region, the quality of the cuisine, from the expertly constructed pizza to the distinctive Italian sauces, justifies the expense.

Napolis’ menu is loaded with diversity, including the famous spaghetti & meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, and the “Edgar Special” calzone, promising a taste of Italy with each meal. The crew, notably George, is lauded for their care, even when the restaurant is busy. Napolis distinguishes out not just for its delicious food, but also for the welcoming atmosphere it creates, making each visit unique.

3. MOD Pizza

  • Address: 485 Marketplace Blvd Suite 140, Forney, TX 75126
  • Phone: (469) 720-0098
  • Description: Pizza restaurant, Restaurant

Discover MOD Pizza, a lively restaurant where the appeal of customized thin-crust pizzas and pleasant service make it a local favorite. While experiences vary, with occasional mishaps such as a half-burnt pizza or a less-than-generous Caesar salad, the dedication to client happiness is evident. Customers have praised the night staff’s effort to correct problems.

MOD Pizza is a must-visit for pizza lovers, with a hot brick oven that produces flawlessly crispy crusts, a choice of fresh toppings, and a welcoming ambiance. Whether you choose the plant-based sausage, cauliflower crust, or a conventional pie, this restaurant guarantees a quick, fulfilling meal with a grin.

4. Palio’s Pizza Cafe, Forney

  • Address: 51 N FM 548 Ste 211, Forney, TX 75126
  • Phone: (469) 907-4992
  • Description: Pizza, Italian, Gluten-free

Discover a taste of Italy in the heart of Northern Texas at a quaint restaurant that has rapidly become a local favorite thanks to its authentic Italian food. This culinary jewel distinguishes out for its superb Italian cooking, which ranges from handmade pasta to delectable pizzas, all cooked with the freshest ingredients. Its pleasant and clean decor invites customers into a setting filled with the smells of wonderful food, promising an amazing dining experience.

With outstanding ratings for delicacies like Grace’s Alfredo pizza, large lunch deals, and delicious turtle cheesecake, this Forney restaurant is a must-see for anybody driving along Highway 80. Despite a few differing comments on pricing and comparison to other local places, the consensus is clear: this restaurant provides a flavor of Italy that is worth revisiting.

5. Pizza Milan

  • Address: 13980 Farm to Market 548, Suite 190, Forney, TX 75126
  • Phone: (972) 357-7432
  • Description: Pizza restaurant.

Pizza Milan, located in the center of Forney, has rapidly become a local favorite, known for its mouthwatering pizzas and welcoming, family-owned atmosphere. With an emphasis on quality and affordability, this pizza stands out for its use of halal meats, fresh ingredients, and dedication to creating a warm and inviting environment.

Whether it’s the perfectly balanced thin crust, the fragrant Buffalo chicken pizza, or the tasty meatball sub, Pizza Milan provides an unforgettable culinary experience that leaves guests raving about the taste and service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction comes through, making it a must-see for anybody searching for a genuine pizza atmosphere paired with tasty, budget-friendly meals.


Take a delightful voyage through Forney’s gastronomic environment with “Italian Restaurants in Forney You Must Try.” From the delicious joys of Eno’s Pizza Tavern to the true charm of Napoli’s Italian Bistro, this tour reveals the city’s culinary treasures.

Despite occasional service problems, these restaurants, including MOD Pizza and Palio’s Pizza Cafe, guarantee a symphony of tastes and friendly friendliness. Whether you want bespoke pizzas or classic Italian dishes, each visit provides a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Join us as we explore Forney’s unique Italian eating scene, which is a beautiful blend of flavor, atmosphere, and true enthusiasm.

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