Discover 5 Best Dive Bars in Texas for a Budget-friendly Night Out


Check out some of the best cheap bars in Texas if you want to have a good time on Friday or Saturday night. It’s easygoing, the people are nice, and the drinks are cheap in these spots.

There’s a dive bar for everyone, whether you’re in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or somewhere else. These are some of the coolest and most popular dive bars in Texas. Read on to find out why you should go.

1. Milo’s Bar in Arlington, Texas

A lot of people like Milo’s Bar in Arlington, Texas. People in the area love this cozy hole-in-the-wall spot because it has a laid-back vibe and cheap drinks.

You can play ping-pong, darts, pool, and music here. There is also a cute patio in the back that makes the fun even better. Milo’s dive bar has been fixed up, but it still has its unique charm. You can still play darts, ping pong, pool, and music, and there are fun events with special nights.

2. Skylark Lounge in Austin, Texas

On Friday or Saturday nights, you should be at Skylark Lounge. This dive bar has a long history of music in East Austin. You can dance, have fun, and forget about time there.

Birdlegg, TT Brown, and Soul Expressions are just a few of the skilled singers who live in Skylark. For people who want to have fun and feel welcome, this is a great place to go.

3. Black Monk Tavern, Corpus Christi TX

The neighborhood bar Black Monk Tavern serves a wide range of drinks and tasty food that will please your taste buds.

Discover 5 Best Dive Bars in Texas for a Budget-friendly Night OutDiscover 5 Best Dive Bars in Texas for a Budget-friendly Night Out

From oysters with pecan crust to shrimp wraps and fish tacos, you won’t be let down. The staff is nice, and there is a great variety of music. This is a great spot to spend the night with friends or those you love.

4. Three Sheets Bar & Grill Houston TX

Three Sheets Bar & Grill in the neighborhood has a patio, darts, music, and dark wood furniture. It’s also a meat-and-potatoes place, so hungry customers are sure to be satisfied.

There are many starters, sandwiches, and soups to choose from at Three Sheets Bar & Grill. This restaurant is great for big groups, and the patio space makes it a great spot to eat outside in the warmer months.

5. Dive Bar and Lounge in Austin, Texas

Dive bars are great places to hang out in many ways. They know what their regulars want and give it to them by making the hang comfy and painting the walls with interesting things.

The Dive Bar and Lounge is in downtown Austin. It has a huge patio with lots of chairs for people to relax and enjoy the weather. It has the best happy hour in town with a wide range of drinks at reasonable prices. This makes it a great place to start the evening with tasty food and drinks.


Check out Texas’s lively dive bars for fun that won’t break the bank. Milo in Arlington has a friendly vibe, and Skylark Lounge in Austin has a history of live music.

Both of these places offer cheap drinks, games, and good times. Whether you’re in Houston, Corpus Christi, or Austin, these spots are great places to spend a cheap and fun night out.

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