Discover 3 Italian Restaurants in Galveston, Texas That Will Transport You to Italy


Join us on a delicious journey through Galveston, Texas, as we investigate the essential Italian eateries that infuse this lively coastal metropolis with the essence of Italy. Galveston is renowned for its wide selection of Italian restaurants, every one of which provides a distinct and palatable culinary experience.

These establishments, which range from contemporary bistros to traditional trattorias, offer an authentic experience of the abundant culinary heritage of Italy. Savor delectable pizzas, flavorful risottos, and deftly prepared pasta dishes, all while taking in the endearing atmosphere of Galveston. Whether you are a local food devotee or a tourist in search of gastronomic pleasures, these Italian restaurants are certain to make an indelible impact.

1. Papa’s Pizza

  • Galveston, Texas 77551; 4400 Seawall Boulevard
  • Phone: (409) 766-7272.
  • Desc: Italian eatery, pizza establishment, and pasta boutique

Established in Galveston, Papa’s Pizza is widely recognized for its extensive menu of tantalizing dishes, most notably its pizza, which is frequently lauded by patrons as being among the finest they have ever tasted. This establishment is a pizza enthusiast’s utopia, offering enormous individual portions and more than one-half-pound pizzas. In addition to their affordable prices, prompt service, and accommodating staff, they provide lunch specials and alcohol.

Offering ample seating, large-screen televisions, and a picturesque ocean view, Papa’s Pizza guarantees a pleasant and cozy ambiance for diners. Additionally, the restaurant’s meticulousness is valued, as evidenced by the packaging designed specifically for mozzarella sticks to maintain their delicate texture. Papa’s Pizza, a frequented establishment by both residents and tourists, is an essential attraction in Galveston.

2. Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza & Italian Restaurant

  • Galveston, Texas 77550 416 Moody Avenue
  • Phone: (409) 765-6262
  • Desc: Italian pizza and desserts

Located in Galveston, Mama Teresa’s is a quaint Italian establishment infused with nostalgia. Distinguished by its delectable fare, lively ambiance, and outstanding service. This intimate eatery, boasting a lengthy historical background, presents an assortment of pizzas, salads, and canapés, all meticulously crafted using premium ingredients. Prominent items on the menu consist of fried ravioli, pizza Margherita, manicotti, and vegetable supreme, all of which are accompanied by the establishment’s signature fiery marinara sauce.

The restaurant’s distinctive allure is augmented by the amiable personnel, who exhibit exceptional effort in organizing special occasions, even performing an Italian birthday rendition for patrons. Mama Teresa’s guarantees a remarkable culinary experience for both local and vacation guests.

3. Mario’s Seawall Pizzeria and Italian

  • Galveston, Texas 77550 628 Seawall Boulevard
  • Phone: (409) 763-1693
  • Desc: Italian cuisine, pizza, and seafood

A cherished Italian restaurant in Galveston, Mario’s serves an extensive selection of both traditional and innovative Italian fare, constituting a pillar of local gastronomy. Delightful deep-dish pizza prepared in the Chicago style and delectable pasta are two of the restaurant’s many nostalgic appeals to the local populace. Its ideal dining location is its convenient location at the east end of Seawall Boulevard, which features a large parking lot and a breathtaking view of the Gulf.

In addition to its ample portions, the restaurant guarantees a gratifying experience for each patron through its timely and proficient service. Despite certain dishes receiving varying degrees of acclaim, Mario’s consistently provides high-quality fare, rendering it an imperative establishment for tourists and locals alike.


Explore Galveston, Texas’s authentic Italian restaurants that bring Italy to the seaside. Modern bistros and classic trattorias give a distinct and delicious taste of Italy’s culinary history. Dine on delicious pizzas, risottos, and spaghetti in Galveston’s beautiful atmosphere. These Italian restaurants will provide you with an unforgettable experience of Galveston’s diversified and delicious eating scene, whether you’re a native or a guest.

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