Explore 3 Amazing Parks in Cedar City That Will Blow Your Mind


Welcome to Cedar City, a charming hamlet with three wonderful parks to enjoy. In this book, we’ll explore the fascination of “3 Cedar City Parks,” each with its own unique charm and recreational sanctuary.

Cedar City’s parks provide a rich tapestry of outdoor activities, from the broad greenery and family-friendly facilities of Maple Grove Park to the tranquil vistas and historic treasures of Pioneer Park and the adventure-filled playgrounds of Canyon View Park. Join us on a trip through these green oases, where nature meets leisure to create a haven for rest, play, and community interaction in the heart of Cedar City.

1. Cedar City RV Resort By Journey

  • Address: 1121 N Main St, Cedar City, UT 84721 Phone number: (435) 767-0318
  • Description: RV Park, Cabin Rental Agency, Children’s Camp

Nestled just off the freeway, this well-kept campsite provides a harmonic combination of convenience and comfort for tourists. With its convenient after-hours check-in, pristine facilities, and thoughtful features such as an ice cream store, dog parks, and a huge laundromat, customers routinely compliment the park’s cleanliness and staff friendliness.

Despite slightly steep curb access, the park’s excellent hospitality, which includes assistance with camper repairs and late checkouts, makes it a recommended stay for tourists looking for a calm vacation with all of the amenities of a home. Whether for a brief stopover or a longer stay, this campground’s dedication to visitor happiness comes through, assuring a pleasant experience for future trips.

2. Canyon Park, Eastside

  • Address: 500 E Center St., Cedar City, UT 84720 
  • Description: Park

Nestled near the base of the Alps, this pretty small park provides more than just the usual fare with its playground and immaculate amenities. The genuine treasure, however, is the lovely stream that flows through, offering the ideal site for a refreshing plunge. It’s an ideal refuge for both adults and children looking for peace and relaxation outside, complete with a quiet setting and plenty of shade.

The park’s well-kept lawns, secure environment, and clean facilities complement the stunning mountain vistas and nearby walking and bike paths that head up Cedar Mountain. Whether you want to work while enjoying gorgeous views or simply relax, this park—with its year-round attractiveness and community vibe—is a favorite with locals and their four-legged companions, despite the odd early restroom lock-up.

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3. Park Discovery

  • Address: 2077 W Royal Hunte Dr, Cedar City, UT 84720 Phone: (435) 865-9223 
  • Description: Parks

Nestled in the center of Cedar City, this charming park is a treasured hidden gem that both residents and visitors appreciate. Stumbling onto it appears to be a stroke of serendipity for many, as indicated by the continuously positive reviews. With its rich foliage and peaceful atmosphere, it’s no surprise that individuals who find this park are eager to express their admiration and promise to return.

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