Here Are 10 Restaurants in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania You Must Visit in 2024


Take a delightful trip through the unique culinary tapestry of Philadelphia County. In this culinary journey, we discover the rich and delicious world of eateries that dot the cityscape.

Philadelphia County is a melting pot of tastes, with legendary cheesesteak havens and hidden treasures providing diverse cuisines. Join us as we explore the gastronomic treasures of this historic county, honoring its rich culinary tradition and providing a delectable selection of dining experiences to suit every palette.

1. Hearthside

A great place to eat called Hearthside is in Collingswood, New Jersey, which is just across the river from Philadelphia. It is run by two cooks who learned their trade at Vetri Cucina, one of Philadelphia’s great Italian restaurants. Seasonal, locally grown foods made on a wood-fired grill or oven are featured on the menu. The food is both fancy and filling.

For example, there is grilled octopus with chorizo and potatoes, roasted chicken with mushroom risotto, and wood-fired pizza with different sauces. Since it’s a BYOB restaurant, you can bring your wine or beer to enjoy with your food.

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2. Vernick Food & Drink

Vernick Food & Drink is a modern American restaurant that focuses on using simple, high-quality products. Chef Greg Vernick learns from Jean-Georges Vongerichten and makes tasty meals like grilled branzino with lemon and herbs, roasted chicken with salsa verde, and crispy potatoes with smoked paprika sauce.

There is also a bar inside the diner that serves craft drinks, wines, and beers. With its uncovered brick walls and wooden tables, Vernick Food & Drink has a cozy, country feel. Because it’s so famous, you should book your table ahead of time, either online or over the phone.

3. Suraya

Suraya is a Lebanese restaurant in Philadelphia that serves food from the Levant. The restaurant is named after one of the owners’ aunts who came to the US from Lebanon.

The menu includes mezze, man’oushe, kebabs, sweets, shakshuka, labneh, and za’atar eggs on the brunch menu. Suraya also runs a market where she sells foreign foods like cheeses, sweets, spices, and oils. The restaurant has a lovely interior with bright tiles, plants, and lights, and it also has a garden patio where you can enjoy your meal outside.

4. Vedge

Vedge is a vegan restaurant that shows that food made from plants can taste good and fill you up. Since 1994, Chef Richard Landau has been a leader in vegan food. He makes dishes that show how versatile and tasty veggies can be.

Their menu has hearty meals, smoky choices, and fresh veggies. For example, they have rutabaga fondue with soft pretzels, wood-roasted carrot with kimchi pea leaves, and seitan maitake stroganoff with spaetzle. Vedge also has a bar where you can get veggie drinks like cocktails, wines, and beers. The diner is in an old brownstone house that has a cozy but classy feel to it.

5. Alpen Rose

Alpen Rose is a high-end restaurant in the middle of Midtown Village that offers a classy and cozy eating experience. Well-known chef Michael Schulson owns the business. He is known for running famous restaurants like Sampan, Double Knot, and Giuseppe & Sons.

On Alpen Rose’s menu, you can choose from top cuts of meat like ribeye, filet mignon, and porterhouse. There are also many seafood choices, salads, and tasty sides. In addition, the restaurant has a large wine collection with more than 1,000 bottles from all over the world.

The atmosphere at Alpen Rose is warm and elegant, with classic lighting, rich wooden accents, and soft leather seats. These tasty treats can be enjoyed at the restaurant during dinner service, which is open Wednesday through Sunday.

6. Ristorante Pesto

Want to eat real Italian food? Ristorante Pesto is the place to go. It is a family-run restaurant that serves food from the Basilicata area of Italy. They make their own pasta, seafood, beef, chicken, and, of course, pesto sauce with fresh basil and foreign cheese.

Many people can eat at Ristorante Pesto because they have gluten-free and veggie options. Their wine list goes nicely with the food they serve. It’s easy to reserve a table at this small and friendly restaurant, either online or over the phone.

7. Parc

With its stylish restaurant, Parc brings a bit of Parisian style to Philadelphia. This diner has beautiful views of the park and city skyline and is right across the street from Rittenhouse Square. On the menu, you can find traditional French dishes like onion soup, steak frites, escargot, and croque monsieur.

You can also find popular lunch dishes like eggs Benedict, crepes, and quiche. You can choose from a wide range of wines, drinks, and beers to go with your food. Every day of the week, Parc serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

8. Zahav

In Zahav, a trendy Israeli restaurant, the food of the Middle East is celebrated. It is run by Chef Michael Solomonov, who won the James Beard Award, and serves food that showcases the tastes and cooking methods of Israel and its neighbors.

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On the menu, you can find mezze, salatim, hummus, grilled meats, and tasty sweets. You can also get a chef’s tasting plate called “Tayim,” which has a variety of foods. Zahav has a carefully chosen list of wines, beers, and drinks that go well with the food. Because it’s so famous, you should make a ticket a long time in advance.

9. Restaurant Aleksandar

Restaurant Aleksandar offers a one-of-a-kind and daring eating experience that pushes the limits of what is possible in the kitchen. Chef Aleksandar Mitrovic makes meals that combine unusual tastes, textures, and ingredients. He gets ideas from his trips, memories, and feelings. The menu changes often, so each meal is a new and exciting experience. This place lets you bring your wine or beer to go with your food.

10. Booker’s

It’s a West Philly institution where Booker’s serves soul food with a modern twist. The menu includes basic foods like fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, and biscuits. It is named after Booker Wright, a Black waiter who spoke out against racism in the 1960s.

Foods like jerk fish, curry goat, and plantain cakes are also a nod to the chef’s Caribbean roots. There is a full bar with drinks, wines, and beers. Booker’s has a lively vibe thanks to its live music and rare events.

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