10 Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Lived in Provo, Utah


Many well-known people have made Provo, Utah, their home because it’s a great place to live. Over the years, the city has had its fair share of famous people live there, from artists to athletes. Here is a list of 10 famous people who have lived in Provo.

1. Donny Osmond

People say that Donny Osmond was born in Ogden, Utah, but he grew up in Provo. Donny and his brother Jimmy grew up in a strict Mormon home. Donny went to Brigham Young University. He has been good at singing and acting for a long time and still lives in Provo.

2. Marie Osmond

There is a sister named Marie Osmond who also grew up in Provo. She got her start in the music business when she was young and went on to have a great solo career. Marie still lives in Provo and is very involved with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

3. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling was born and raised in Provo and is up for an Academy Award. Grade school and high school were both in Provo. He finished from Provo High School in 1997. Going on, Gosling has been in some of the biggest movies in Hollywood, like “The Notebook” and “Drive.”

4. Mitt Romney

But he moved to Provo when he was in high school. Mitt Romney was born in Michigan. His education began at Brigham Young University. After that, he became Governor of Massachusetts and ran for president in 2012. His wife Ann still lives with him in Provo.

5. Wilford Brimley

This actor, Wilford Brimley, is best known for his parts in “Cocoon” and “The Natural.” He was born in Salt Lake City, but as a child he went to Provo. He still lives in Provo, where he has lived for most of his life.

6. Stephenie Meyer

Author of the well-known “Twilight” books is Stephenie Meyer. She was born in Connecticut, but in 1999 she came to Provo. Meyer is still living in Provo and is writing her new book called “Midnight Sun.”

7. Steve Young

Steve Young was born in Salt Lake City and used to play quarterback in the NFL. He went to Brigham Young University and was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers in the 1984 draft. In 1999, Young quit football. He still lives in Provo with his wife and kids.

8. Aaron Eckhart

He was born in California but went to Provo when he was a child to become an actor. After going to Provo High School, he had a great role in Hollywood. Eckhart’s most famous movies are “The Dark Knight” and “Erin Brockovich.”

9. Brandon Flowers

The lead singer of the well-known rock band The Killers is Brandon Flowers. He was born in Las Vegas, but as a child he lived in Provo. As of now, Flowers is still living in Provo and is still one of The Killers.

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10. Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough was born in Utah and dances, sings, and acts. In Sandy, Utah, she went to Alta High School. After that, she moved to Provo to go to Brigham Young University. Today, Hough still lives in Provo, and she has won “Dancing With The Stars” twice.

These are only a few of the famous people who have lived in Provo. The city has been home to some of the most famous and important people in the world, from actors to athletes. Some of the world’s most famous people have lived in Provo, whether you like Donny and Marie Osmond or Ryan Gosling and Mitt Romney.

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