Here Are the Top 10 Burger Places in Tulsa, Oklahoma You Must Try in 2024


Welcome to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city that takes burgers extremely seriously! Tulsa’s burger culture is as broad as it is tasty, with basic American mainstays and inventive gourmet variations. Whether you’re a native or just traveling through, visiting the city’s burger places is a must-do gastronomic experience.

So, prepare to embark on a tasty trip as we explore the greatest burger restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prepare your taste buds for an incredible journey!

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1. Ron’s Hamburgers & Chili: Founded in 1975, Ron’s is a Tulsa staple that serves not only amazing burgers but also their famous chili. A visit here is like going back in time to a traditional American restaurant.

2. Brownie’s Hamburger Stand: Brownie’s is known for serving fresh, never-frozen hamburgers and guarantees quick and courteous service. They are most known for their handmade root beer and pies, as well as their wonderful burgers.

3. The original Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler: This restaurant is well-known for its classic burger types, which appeal to individuals who enjoy the typical American burger experience.

4. Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Eatery: serves a broad menu, including several interesting burger selections that combine conventional American ingredients with an Irish touch.

5. El Jarocho Puro: For a unique spin on the burger, try the Chorizo Burger. It’s an excellent choice for anyone wishing to spice up their burger experience with some Mexican flair.

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6. Smitty’s Garage Burgers and Beer: Smitty’s Garage is well-known for its delicious burgers and fresh-cut fries. They take pleasure in presenting a broad assortment of distinctive, made-to-order burgers.

7. Fat Guy’s Burger Bar: A well-known for its unique burgers. Their burgers are prepared to order, resulting in a fresh and customized experience. The “Bacon Jam Burger” is particularly popular, with a delicious sweet and savory bacon jam.

8. Flo’s Burger Diner: A well-known for its adorable atmosphere and arcade games, as well as its welcoming staff. It’s a place to eat a tasty burger in a pleasant and comfortable setting.

9. Society Burger: This business is all about food and friendship, and they serve what they consider to be the perfect burger. Their carefully crafted burgers are designed to be shared and enjoyed in good company.

10. Howdy Burger: A throwback to Route 66’s legendary roadside burger shops, Howdy Burger is a part of Tulsa’s rich history, serving traditional, tasty burgers.


In summary, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a burger lover’s paradise, with a broad and savory menu. From the vintage appeal of Ron’s Hamburgers & Chili to the traditional American experience of The Original Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler, the city’s burger culture has something for everyone. Tulsa offers a delightful adventure for every palette, whether you try the unusual Chorizo Burger at El Jarocho Puro or the legendary Bacon Jam Burger at Fat Guy’s Burger Bar.

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