These 10 Best Burgers in El Paso, Texas You Must Try in 2024


El Paso, a city covered in Texas sunshine, has a diverse and delicious culinary scene, and the city’s residents are always on the hunt for the best burger.

Burger places in El Paso provide a wide variety of flavors and sensations, from juicy patties to mouth-watering toppings and smoky grill marks.

A tour of El Paso’s culinary landscape leads us on a gastronomic adventure in search of the “Best Burgers in El Paso,” where the unique aromas of this southwestern enclave are brought to life with each mouthful.

1. Frisco Burger

Many people in El Paso can’t live without this old-fashioned, locally-owned burger spot. Frisco Burger is known for its juicy patties and super soft buns. They serve standard burgers, and you can treat yourself to double patties. Don’t miss the hand-cut fries with chili and cheese on top!

2. Papa Eric’s Burgers

Simple and basic, Papa Eric’s makes burgers by hand with fresh toppings and cheese that melts. People in the area like the mushroom burger and the bacon hamburger with long green chilies.

3. Rosco’s Burger Inn

This El Paso burger spot has been around for a long time and serves food at a bar. Rosco’s is famous for its fresh chili beans, and they have a lot of different kinds of burgers, like the classic hamburger. You have to put chili on your burger here!

4. Toro Burger Bar

At Toro Burger Bar, picking out a burger is a fun task. Toro Burger Bar is a fancy burger lover’s dream, with burgers like the Blue Burger and the El Gran Matador Burger, as well as meats like elk, wild boar, and fish. The Booze Burger is great. It has Guinness cheese sauce and Jameson BBQ glaze.

5. Orange Cow Burgers

People love Orange Cow Burgers in Resler Marketplace because they serve great burgers and are friendly. There is a wide range of food on the menu, so there is something for every burger lover.

6. Chuco Burgers and Dogs

A great place for people who like their burgers to have a little something extra. Chuco has a wide range of burgers and hot dogs to suit both traditional and new tastes.

7. Not Just Burgers

This place serves more than just burgers, as the name suggests. There are many choices, so there is something for everyone (they promise).

8. The Hoppy Monk

more than just a burger joint; it has a great range of craft beers and burgers that go well with them. Their hours are pretty open, which makes it a great place to go when you’re hungry late at night.

9. MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, and Shakes

The patties at MOOYAH are known for having crunchy ends. They serve a range of burgers, including mushroom Swiss, cheddar bacon, and veggie choices. You should also try their veggie burgers and fancy hot dogs.

10. Panda Burgers

famous for its unique Texas-style burgers, and they have a lot of different sauces and spices to choose from. The Super Panda burger and the Mar Y Tierra burger are two of their must-try items.

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