WOMAN in Phoenix CHARGED with CHILD ABUSE and THREATENING to Kill Nieces and Nephews

Image by: WSAZ

A 33-year-old woman is facing multiple allegations of child abuse after three adolescents fled her residence and said she was mistreating them.

Three youngsters fled to a neighbor’s home on Indian School Road on June 17 and claimed their aunt, Sarah Canez, had assaulted and threatened to murder them. One of the victims, a 16-year-old girl, apparently screamed for aid. The neighbor phoned Phoenix Police, and cops arrived on the scene.

Police acquired a warrant to investigate Canez’s home, and they reportedly discovered a pistol, zip ties, plastic bags, a knife, and other items.

The remaining two children are ten and seven years old.

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According to the Arizona Republic, some of the victims were wearing zip ties and suffered apparent injuries. They reportedly informed police that Canez placed plastic bags over their heads and threatened to “kill them.”

The neighbor who phoned the police told KSAZ that one of the victims had bruises all over his face and body. The neighbor continued, “And then he had zip ties on his hands. He could scarcely walk. He was pale. He said he hadn’t eaten in days.”

The victims’ mother died, and they were under Canez’s care when the alleged abuse occurred.

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According to Maricopa County court records, Canez is facing many charges including abuse, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and sexual activity with a juvenile.

According to truecrimenews, the neighbor stated that the 16-year-old girl who rushed for help “dreamed of her mom telling her to save her brothers and run here, and that we were going to help her.”

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