Winter Storm Alerts: Interior Mid-Atlantic & Northeast Brace for Weekend Snowfall, Winter Storm Watches Issued


Winter storm watches are in effect, and in certain places, they haven’t been for the past two years. Watches reach north and east to Connecticut and Southern and Southeastern New England, from the Central Appalachians into Central Pennsylvania, Northeast Pennsylvania, Northwest New Jersey, the Hudson Valley, and the Catskills. The coast of Connecticut south of Interstate 95, Southern Rhode Island, and Southeast Massachusetts are the sole exceptions.

On Friday, there will be more watches, warnings, and advisories issued. Except a few sporadic clouds, there are no weather concerns for the early hours of Saturday. If not, Friday should be sunny but colder, with highs in the mid-to upper-30s. By Saturday morning, it will be closer to 30 degrees. On Saturday, the weather will be sunny until clouds move in and the highs will mostly be in the 30s.

Low pressure is expected to move up across the Carolinas and then offshore on Saturday. During the evening, snow will move northeast through Pennsylvania, then over Northern New Jersey, the Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island, and points east into New England. It is predicted to rain around the immediate coast. The offshore low is expected to strengthen on Sunday as upper air energy moves down the coast. This is expected to bring down colder air, resulting in snowfall that is expected to last until Sunday afternoon, according to models. I’m still not sure I agree with this concept and I’m still concerned about how much snow will accumulate.

We can possibly pull the southern edge of the snowpack southward into Central New Jersey and Long Island if cold air becomes more significant. It is prudent to exercise caution for the time being and wait to see if Friday’s forecast for a stronger and colder system aligns with the most recent model development. If so, accumulation numbers should increase both inland and along the shore. On Sunday afternoon, everything comes to a conclusion, moving from west to east.

On Monday, the weather clears up, but later on Tuesday and into Wednesday, there will be another storm that brings with it strong winds, torrential rain, and coastal flooding. places in Upstate New York and central New England may experience a significant downpour before the weather eventually turns to rain. Inland places may begin to snow. After the first storm passes, more on this one.

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