Wayne County Guy Wins $150k Powerball Jackpot In The Michigan Lottery


A man from Melvindale claims that the moment he won the Powerball jackpot of $150,000 came “right on time!”

On December 16, Tony Nelams, who is 58 years old, won a reward worth $50,000 by matching four white balls with the Powerball number, which was 03-09-10-20-62 and his personal best was 25. It was because of the Power Play that the reward was increased to a total of $150,000. The East Jefferson Mobil gasoline station, which can be found in Detroit at 460 West Fort Street, was where he purchased the winning ticket.

Nelams stated, “I play Powerball on a regular basis and make sure to check my tickets at the store for any errors.” I went to the Lottery office in Livonia because the notification instructed me to submit a claim about the lottery. Not until I had the lottery office scan the tickets did I realize that I had won a total of one hundred fifty thousand dollars! An emotion that cannot be adequately described!

Nelams went to the offices of the lottery not too long ago in order to claim his win. He intends to purchase a new house with the money that he has won.

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