Virginia Beach is One of the Best Cities for Renters in the U.S: A Comparison With Other Cities


Virginia Beach, located along the Atlantic coast, stands out as a blazing light for visitors looking for an unforgettable rental experience. This beachfront hideaway was recently recognized as one of the finest in the country for renters.

Virginia Beach exemplifies the ideal residential escape, with its sun-kissed beaches, thriving villages, and active lifestyle. Discover the elements that have catapulted this seaside city to the upper echelons of rental attractiveness, making it a top choice for anyone looking for more than just a property, but an unrivaled coastal living experience.

Why Virginia Beach Stands Out for Renters?

Virginia Beach is more than simply a tourist destination; it is also a reasonably priced and comfortable city for renters. Here are some important aspects leading to its high ranking:

Affordability: Virginia Beach has a lower cost of living than the national average, with an average rent of $1,235 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is 14% less than the norm. The city has a low rent-to-income ratio, which means renters pay a lesser amount of their income for rent.

Economic Strength: Virginia Beach has a strong local economy, with a low unemployment rate, a high median yearly income, and a broad job market that includes tourism, defense, education, and healthcare.

Quality of life: The city has a pleasant climate, low crime rates, and a strong sense of security. Renters may enjoy a wide range of activities and entertainment alternatives thanks to the area’s natural beauty, cultural richness, and various recreational attractions like as beaches, parks, museums, and festivals.

Virginia Beach vs Other Cities

In the WalletHub analysis, Virginia Beach ranked ninth out of 182 cities based on rental market and living circumstances. The top ten towns for renters are Overland Park, Kansas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Bismarck, North Dakota; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Chandler, Arizona; Fargo, North Dakota; Plano, Texas; Lincoln, Nebraska; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Gilbert, Arizona.

Virginia Beach is not only the only representation from Virginia in the top ten, but it is also unique among coastal communities. It outperformed other major cities in the state, including Richmond, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, in terms of rental affordability, economic strength, and overall quality of life.

Why Choose Virginia Beach for Rentals?

Whether you’re a student, professional, family, or retiree, Virginia Beach welcomes tenants from all backgrounds. The city provides a wide range of rental possibilities, from modest flats to big mansions in various areas, to fit different lifestyles and budgets.

Living in Virginia Beach means enjoying the advantages of a dynamic and varied city with a rich history, flourishing culture, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Renting here guarantees a joyful and gratifying experience that you will not regret.


In the end, Virginia Beach stands out as a top rental destination, providing an unparalleled seaside living experience. It exceeds other cities in the state in terms of affordability, economic strength, and quality of life. In a WalletHub research, it ranked ninth nationally, demonstrating its popularity.

From students to seniors, Virginia Beach welcomes a varied spectrum of renters with a variety of rental alternatives, guaranteeing a rewarding life steeped in history, culture, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Choosing Virginia Beach rentals guarantees a pleasurable and rewarding living experience in this vibrant seaside city.

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