Unraveling the Mysteries of Old Ghost Road in Georgia


Georgia has many beautiful roads, but some of them are scary. Old Ghost Road in the town of Brooklet, which is just outside of Statesboro, is one of the scariest and most feared. People have said that Old Ghost Road is the scariest road in Georgia because of the strange things that people have seen and heard there.

The Story of the Ditch Hole

A well-known story about Old Ghost Road is the one about the ditch digger. This story says that people going along the road at night might see a dim orange light off in the distance. As they get closer, they see a man making a ditch next to the road, either to hide or find a human head.

The man then sees the car coming up behind him and charges at it, but he disappears before he can reach it. Some say the guy is the ghost of a killer who was put to death, while others say he is the victim of a brutal murder who is looking for his chopped head.

The Graveyard of Ghost Dogs

The close small graveyard is another creepy thing about Old Ghost Road. There is a story that this graveyard is haunted by dogs that are still attached to their owners after they die. People who have been there say they can hear dogs barking, snarling, and scratching as if they are trying to dig up their owners’ graves. Some people say they’ve seen ghost dogs walking the graveyard or following them to their cars.

Other Paranormal Occurrences

The ditch digger and ghost dogs aren’t the only things that haunt Old Ghost Road. Other strange things and people also live there. People who drive have said they have seen rays of light, shadowy forms, and ghostly people and animals on the road. While moving, some people have had problems with their cars, like the engine breaking down, flat tires, and electricity problems. Others say they’ve felt touches, cold spots, and pushes from forces they can’t see.


In the end, Old Ghost Road in Brooklet, Georgia, has a scary reputation for being one of the state’s scariest roads. The road has become a popular place for ghost sightings after scary stories about a ghost ditch digger and a graveyard full of ghost dogs. Witnesses have reported seeing ghosts, seeing strange lights, and having their cars break down for no apparent reason. This adds to the mystery of this creepy place. Whether it’s made up or based on something more real, Old Ghost Road is a scary example of one of Georgia’s spooky roads and the stories that live on in its shadows.

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