Unraveling New Jersey: A Journey Through Its Strangest Stories


New Jersey has a rich and diverse history, culture, and geography, as well as a variety of unique and unusual stories that may have escaped your notice. Here are some of the most bizarre stories from the state, ranging from creepy roads and UFO encounters to strange laws and unique people.

The Jersey Devil

One of New Jersey’s most well-known stories is that of the Jersey Devil, a creature said to live in the Pine Barrens, a vast and remote wooded territory in the state’s south.

According to legend, the Jersey Devil appeared in 1735 as the 13th child of a lady named Mother Leeds, who allegedly cursed the birth, predicting it would become the devil. The newborn then transformed into a winged, hoofed, and horned beast that flew out of a window and into the woods, where it has been disturbing people ever since.

The Jersey Devil has been blamed for cattle deaths, frightening encounters with tourists, and unexplained noises and footprints. Many people claim to have seen or heard the Jersey Devil, and some even provide supposed evidence of its existence, such as pictures, films, or DNA samples.

The Hindenburg Disaster.

Another sad occurrence in New Jersey history is the Hindenburg accident, which occurred on May 6, 1937, at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. The Hindenburg, a German passenger airship making its maiden transatlantic journey of the year, carried 97 passengers.

As it reached the landing spot, the airship burst into flames, plunging to the earth, killing 36 passengers and wounding many more. The source of the fire is still being debated, with possibilities including a static electrical spark, a hydrogen leak, or sabotage. The Hindenburg tragedy was one of the first big air disasters documented on film and aired on radio, thus ending the era of airship travel.

The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger, a cult favorite film produced in 1984, is based on a bizarre and amusing story from New Jersey. This comic horror film tells the story of Melvin, a geeky janitor who works at a health club in the imaginary town of Tromaville, New Jersey.

After being bullied and humiliated by club members, Melvin accidentally plunges into a barrel of hazardous trash, transforming into a hideous yet surprisingly strong hero. This mutant figure then assumes the role of combatting crime and corruption in Tromaville.

The Toxic Avenger is a satire of the superhero and horror genres, including excessive violence, gore, and humor. Troma Entertainment, a New Jersey-based independent film studio, produced the picture, which inspired sequels, a musical, a cartoon series, and a computer game.

The Action Park

The mention of Action Park, a notorious amusement park in Vernon, New Jersey that operated from 1978 to 1996, sets off a thrilling and deadly story.

Renowned for its wild and risky rides, such as a looping water slide, a ski jump, and a go-kart track, the park became well-known for its inadequate maintenance and oversight, cultivating a reputation as a disorderly and hazardous environment where alcohol and drugs were rampant.

The park was dubbed “Accident Park,” “Class Action Park,” and “Traction Park” due to multiple injuries and fatalities, and it threatened closure due to legal and financial issues. However, in recent years, it has been revived under new identities and administration.

The War of Worlds

The last tale is about the War of the Worlds, a radio broadcast that caused widespread terror and hysteria in New Jersey and elsewhere. This radio drama, broadcast on October 30, 1938, as part of the Mercury Theatre on the Air, was an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel about a Martian invasion of Earth.

The program, which was presented as actual news bulletins, described Martians landing at Grover’s Mill, New Jersey, and attacking the surrounding region with heat rays and toxic gas. Latecomers or those who missed the disclaimer at the beginning of the show mistook the invasion for genuine, resulting in fear, house evacuations, and frantic calls to police.

The War of the Worlds broadcast, widely regarded as one of history’s most significant and disputed media events, demonstrated the power of mass communication.


New Jersey’s rich tapestry includes the mythical Jersey Devil, the sad Hindenburg accident, the weird scenario that inspired the classic film “The Toxic Avenger,” the stormy history of the notorious Action Park, and the War of the Worlds radio transmission, which caused global terror. These unusual stories highlight the state’s unique and interesting story.

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