These Two Mysterious Haunted Roads in North Carolina Where Gravity Does Not Exist


North Carolina has a lot of natural beauty, fun things to do outside, and different cultures. There have also been stories of supernatural behavior in this state. North Carolina’s haunted roads are some of the most mysterious places in the state. For years, stories of strange events and ghostly encounters have been told about these roads.

Some strange things about these roads make them stand out. Gravity Hill in Richfield and Payne Road in Saxapahaw are two examples.

Gravity Hill: The Spot Where Gravity Turns Around

Gravity Hill is a road in Richfield, a small town in Stanly County, that goes against the rules of gravity. When people drive up Gravity Hill and put their cars in neutral, they roll uphill instead of downhill for some reason.

Some locals and tourists think that the shape of the hill creates an optical effect that causes this to happen, but skeptics say that it must be magical. According to a story, a young woman and her child were hit by a truck while trying to push their stuck car to safety on Gravity Hill. There are still stories about them that make it sound like their souls are still around and helping other cars in need.

Some people have put baby powder in their trunks before stopping at Gravity Hill to try to prove the magical claims. Some people say that after feeling their cars being pushed uphill, they found strange handprints on the back of their cars. This has led to arguments about who these ghostly marks are.

There is a Dark History Behind Payne Road

Payne Road is in Saxapahaw, about 20 miles west of Chapel Hill. It is haunted by the evil acts of Edward Payne, who used to own a farm, and his children and grandchildren. A dark story says that Payne owned slaves, worshiped the devil, and killed people. He is said to have killed the slave who was dating his daughter and then died in a farm fire with his slaves. People say that Payne Road is cursed by the ghosts of Payne and the people he killed.

Payne Road has a gravity disturbance, just like Gravity Hill. When a driver stops at a certain spot on Payne Road and puts the car in neutral, it rolls uphill for some reason. Some say it’s because of the Earth’s magnetic fields, while others say it’s because of the supposed curse on Edward Payne and his family.

What makes things even more interesting is that Payne Road is connected to Edward’s Road in Raleigh, which is also a haunted road in North Carolina. Lydia, who was said to be Edward Payne’s granddaughter and died in a car accident on her way to a dance, is said to haunt this road. Reports say that someone picked up a stranger who looked like Lydia and then found her mysteriously gone from the car.


North Carolina is famous for its natural beauty and rich cultural diversity. It also has some strange and haunted roads that add a spooky touch to its scenery. People are confused by Richfield’s Gravity Hill, where cars seem to resist gravity by moving uphill in neutral.

There are scary stories about a terrible accident that happened here, and people say they see ghosts there. In Saxapahaw, Payne Road has a dark past that is linked to Edward Payne’s alleged bad acts. People have both scientific and supernatural ideas about the road’s gravity disturbance, which is made stronger by stories of curses and spooky apparitions. North Carolina’s “haunted roads” tell stories that mix the supernatural with the dark.

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