“Tried And Tested” Chemical-free Two-day Patio Weed-killing Method


Patio weeds may be very bothersome and can thrive all year round, even in the winter. Many online enthusiasts have revealed their “tried and tested” ways to help drive them away.

Anywhere there is a garden, weeds will grow; they will most likely appear on patios, roads, and lawns.

“I’ve tried and tested this method,” posted Alison Riddell on the Mrs. Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page. Utilize two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, a cup of salt, and a gallon of white vinegar.

Combine and apply with a watering can to the weeds. The weeds will die in two days, and then you can pull them after a week.

“I tried it, and it’s really effective. I have a cat, therefore it’s safe for pets as it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Nothing except repeating above will get rid of weeds because fresh seeds are always being carried into cracks by the wind. This is the best all-natural herbicide I’ve ever used.

Because it contains acetic acid, white vinegar works well as a weed killer on patios and driveways.

The easiest way to utilize white vinegar is to dilute it, advises Fantastic Services gardening expert Gena Lorraine.

“One part vinegar and two parts water is the best possible proportion here,” the expert stated. Then simply pour it over the gaps, making sure to get into the center of the weeds.

The sun should help dry out the weeds in an hour or so during the summer, but it might take a little longer during the winter.

Boiling water is an excellent, low-cost method that other users suggested using to quickly eliminate garden weeds, especially ones that grow on driveways.

“Just use boiling water straight from the kettle; they will be shocked and shrivel up,” Lisa Timson remarked.

“I had a nightmare with weeds and had pets so I couldn’t use anything shop-bought,” Denise Watson continued.

Boiling water, however, was something that was free and effective. To kill the seeds, remove the weed and fill the crevices with hot water.

Boiling water is a very aggressive and successful way to get rid of weeds from hard-to-reach spots, according to the gardening expert.

This is due to the fact that hot water can kill almost any plant, regardless of how hardy and succulent its leaves may be.

“Because it would instantly kill regular plants as well, this solution is never used around them.”

Just squirt the boiling water onto the patio crevices, being sure to reach every weed.

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