Here Are the Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Hurricane, Utah


With Hurricane’s Quintet of Quality Cuisine, you can go on a culinary journey through Mexico’s lively tastes! There is a symphony of taste in these five culinary gems that capture the spirit of Mexican culinary art.

From spicy street tacos to rich, complex moles and tangy ceviches, each place shows a different, enticing part of Mexico’s rich culinary history. Come along with us as we learn about the true traditions, bright colors, and fragrant spices that make up this quintet.

We promise a journey that will awaken your senses and honor the rich weave of Mexican food.

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1. Las Lupitas Mexican Restaurant

  • Address: 460 W State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
  • Phone: (435) 635-0206
  • Title: Mexican

The busy Mexican and Argentinean restaurant Rooster Run Cafe is known for its fresh, tasty food and friendly service. Despite its small size and loud setting, it offers a unique eating experience with dishes like carnitas and empanadas from Argentina.

Even though the Mexican food is good, the Argentine food stands out. Also, the place can accommodate people with special food needs, and the staff is praised for being friendly and helpful.

It’s important to note, though, that some people find the noise level and sitting layout too much. Still, Rooster Run Cafe is a must-see for anyone looking for a fun food adventure.

2. El Jinete Mexican Grill

  • Address: 70 E State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
  • Phone: (435) 635-0675
  • Title: Mexican

The small Mexican restaurant El Jinete in west Hurricane is a secret gem that most people don’t know about. This eatery is known for its quick service and wide range of casual Mexican food.

It provides a unique eating experience. The food here is very good, even though the place looks plain on the outside. You should try the taquitos, the adobada, and the Chile Relleno Burrito. They also have different kinds of sandwiches, and the chorizo one was a big hit.

El Jinete serves mostly good food, though some items might not always be to your liking. The place has a real feel to it, and the service is friendly, so anyone going through town should stop by.

3. La Fonda Grill Authentic Mexican Food

  • Address: 82 N Coral Canyon Blvd, Hurricane, UT 84737
  •  Phone: (435) 599-8181
  • Desc: Mexican, seafood, breakfast, and brunch.

La Fonda is a secret gem that serves real Mexican food. It is next to a grocery store and a Texaco gas station, just off of State Route 9.

Here Are the Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Hurricane, Utah

This restaurant has a simple appearance, but it serves a lot of different foods, like tasty fish tacos, Chile relleno, and a range of Margaritas made with tequila. La Fonda is a favorite among both locals and tourists because of its large amounts, friendly service, and one-of-a-kind artwork.

La Fonda offers a memorable dining experience whether you’re in Zion National Park or just want some fresh Mexican food.

4. Costa Vida

  • Address: 845 State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
  • Phone: (435) 635-4007
  • Desc: Mexican Restaurants and fast food

“Costa Vida” is a lively, clean, and friendly diner known for its tasty food and great service. The staff is on time, friendly, and willing to help, so it’s always a pleasure to eat there. On the menu, you can find grilled chicken salad, chips and queso, and tacos, all of which are cooked to perfection.

Some people have recently said that the portions are average, but the low prices make up for it. People like the chili lime chicken salad and the sweet and spicy pork with mango salsa.

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Even though it might get crowded, especially on Friday nights, the fast service makes sure that everything is cleared out quickly. So, whether you’re looking for a healthy lunch spot or a dinner spot that’s good for the whole family, Costa Vida is a great place to get comfort food when you’re in the area.

5. Alfredo’s A Mexican Food

  • Address: 412 W State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
  • Phone: (435) 635-0504
  • Title: Mexican

Alfredo’s is right in the middle of Hurricane, Utah, and serves real Mexican food that is both tasty and filling. This eatery is known for its friendly service and wide selection of traditional Mexican food, such as filling burritos and sizzling fajitas, all of which are served in large amounts.

The unique salsa bar and specialty guacamole make the food taste even better. Alfredo’s is known for its quick service and friendly setting, even though it can get busy at times. It’s a good choice for both locals and visitors because it’s open late and often.

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