This Year, The Cicada Is Likely To Skip Ohio And West Virginia


The United States is getting ready for two huge groups of cicadas to arrive this spring. People in Ohio can take a sigh of relief, though, because the invasion is expected to go around the state.

Cicadas have two different broods. Dog day cicadas can come out once a year, while annual cicadas only come out every 17 years.

“Pretty much nothing to worry about,” said Erika Lyon, a trainer for Ohio State University Extension who teaches wildlife and agriculture. “Don’t worry. If you go to Illinois from the west, you might see the cicada brood that comes out this year in April or May. Or further south, it’s expected to hit Virginia, Tennessee, and southern Kentucky. Ohio and West Virginia, on the other hand, will probably be fine this year.

Lyons says that if you are moving and see both broods of cicadas, you should enjoy the beauty of nature because they are not dangerous to people.

The number of dog days cicadas will not be as high as the number of monthly cicadas.

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