This Virginian Ghost Town Will Give You The shivers


Virginia, a state known for its natural beauty and rich historical legacy, has a dark side hidden behind its idyllic exterior. Lost stories persist in spots that have been allowed to deteriorate over time amidst its undulating hills and historical sites.

The Wise County Orphanage and the Western State Lunatic Asylum are two such sites that are frightening reminders of past times, their abandoned buildings inspiring fear in those who dare to approach.

Wise County Embryology

Tucked up in Virginia’s backcountry, the Wise County Orphanage is slowly giving in to the pull of mother nature. Once a bustling sanctuary for deserted and orphaned kids, the building now stands empty and silent, its interiors marred by neglect and vandalism.

The property is surrounded by local legend that says it is haunted, especially by the souls of the children who used to live there. The eerie hallways resound with laughter and the sound of bouncing balls, while ghostly figures periodically appear in the windows.

Urban explorers and others with an interest in the paranormal are drawn to this orphanage because of its eerie ambiance and reported paranormal activity.

Western State Dementia Hospital

Another haunted place in Virginia is the Blackburn Inn, which was formerly the Western State Lunatic Asylum. Designed to promote mental well-being, the resort-style asylum for the mentally impaired was founded in 1828 and included open-air designs, terraced gardens, and picturesque walks.

But around the middle of the 1800s, the asylum’s history took a terrible turn. It changed from being a rehabilitation facility to a warehouse for the crippled as a result of mismanagement and underfunding.

Over 2000 unmarked corpses are scattered throughout the property, and forced sterilizations, electroshock therapy, and lobotomies became widespread. There is little evidence now available, and the reasons surrounding numerous deaths at Western State remain mysterious.

Much of the Western State Lunatic Asylum has been converted into the Blackburn hotel today. The homes’ underground tunnels may no longer be accessible, even though some of the buildings are being restored to provide views into their former lives.

These abandoned locations in Virginia definitely give chills because of their sinister pasts and spooky atmospheres. They serve as sobering reminders of our history and the forgotten tales that still echo through their abandoned corridors.

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In Summary

In conclusion, the crumbling ruins of institutions like the Wise County Orphanage and the Western State Lunatic Asylum reveal a darker side to Virginia, a state known for its natural beauty and rich historical legacy. These once-vibrant, purpose-driven abandoned sites now inspire curiosity and terror. Surrounded by ghost stories and eerie folklore, the Wise County Orphanage remains a mute reminder of its history. Similar to this, the Western State Lunatic Asylum, which is being partially converted into the Blackburn Hotel, had a horrifying past filled with cruel administration and practices. Its grounds contain unmarked graves and inexplicable deaths that act as disquieting memories of a troubling period in Virginia’s history. These abandoned locations, with their evil pasts and spooky atmospheres, represent lost tales that remain in the shadows, affording a sobering peek into a disturbing facet of the state’s heritage.

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