This Tennessee City Has Been Named the Highest Murder Rate in the State


Tennessee cities each have their distinct personality, which contributes to the state’s well-known cultural variety and rich history. Memphis is one of these culturally significant cities, but according to FBI crime figures from 2020, it also holds the unpleasant distinction of being the state’s murder capital.

This article will look at why Memphis was rated the most dangerous city in America and make solutions for how the city may lower crime and violence statistics.

Memphis: The Brutal Crime Zone

Despite its cultural prominence, Memphis has major crime problems. According to FBI crime data, the city has the highest murder rate in Tennessee and the United States among cities with populations of more than 100,000, at 50.9 per 100,000 people.

Also in 2020, the city reported 13,057 violent offenses, including robbery, aggravated assault, and rape, for a violent crime rate of 2,002.8 per 100,000 population.

Causes of Memphis’s Extremely High Crime Rate

Memphis’ high crime rates can be attributed to a variety of factors, including:

  • Because of its demographics, geography, and history of racial discrimination, Memphis has a culture that is both proud of its past and prone to violence and conflict.
  • Low education, unemployment, and restricted opportunities all contribute to Memphis’ 25.1% poverty rate, creating an environment conducive to criminal behavior.
  • Memphis is no stranger to violent crimes using weapons, given its high gun ownership rate (41.5% of households) and relatively lax gun laws.
  • There are an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 gang members in the city, split among over 100 groups, who participate in a variety of unlawful activities.

Tennessee’s largest hub

Memphis will be Tennessee’s most populous city in 2020, with an estimated 651,932 people. Memphis, the state’s cultural and economic powerhouse, draws visitors with its musical, culinary, and sporting offers.

What Should Be Done?

There may not be an easy solution, but here are some suggestions for making Memphis a safer place:

  • To avoid such challenges, a long-term, multi-sectoral solution that addresses poverty, gangs, weaponry, and culture is required.
  • Education may help individuals think critically, settle problems, and support ideas that promote societal peace.
  • People at risk can benefit from tailored intervention programs that offer counseling, support, and alternatives to a criminal lifestyle.
  • The supply of secure work opportunities has the potential to alleviate poverty, inequality, and the motivation to engage in criminal activity.


Even though Memphis, Tennessee is known for its rich culture life, it is also the state’s murder capital, which is not a good thing. High crime rates are caused by many things working together, such as history and social factors, poverty, gun ownership, and gang activity. To solve these problems, we need a broad, long-term plan that includes education, focused solutions, and creating safe jobs to get to the bottom of crime and improve the health of the community.

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