This Store Was Named New Jersey’s Best Grocery Store


There are lots of different reasons to love a certain grocery store, from stores that sell things at a price to grocery chains like Whole Foods that carry only those brands.

Everyone has a favorite, so it’s not easy to pick one and call it the best. But The Daily Meal did it.

To find the best food store in each state, they looked at how much they sold, what kinds of things they had, how innovative they were, how much they were worth, and what they did for the community.

As of now, Kings is the clear winner as the best food store in the state of New Jersey.

Since 1936, Kings has been around. The store now has 19 sites in Connecticut, New York, and Northern New Jersey.

In 2020, the chain had a hard time. Kings went bankrupt and shut down a number of stores, including the ones in Hoboken, Long Hill, and Maplewood that had been open since 1942.

Kings has tried to get back on track by focusing on their prepared foods area, which now has dishes like chili-lime shrimp tacos and quinoa kale salad.

People also know that the grocery store gets unique tastes and goods, like Thai hot sauces from SD Sauces, family-size chicken pot pies from Griggstown Farm, and littleneck clams from Long Island.

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