This School in Michigan Has Been Named the Worst College


Michigan is home to several well-known and respected colleges and universities, such as the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Michigan Technological University. But not every school in the state gets the same amount of praise. A new list on says that Baker College of Flint is the Michigan college with the worst reputation.

What Makes Baker College of Flint the Worst College in Michigan?

Baker College of Flint closed in August 2020 and moved to Owosso. It was founded in 1994 as a private, nonprofit university with campuses across the state and online. Even though it says it offers good education and job training, the data we have shows that it doesn’t. says that Baker College of Flint has a very low completion rate of just 21.1%, which means that less than a quarter of its students finished their degrees. Also, Baker grads had an average of $22,852 in student loans, which was more than the national average of $16,649. Also, two years after college, the average pay for Baker alumni was only $27,200, which was less than the national average of $33,028.

A low graduation rate, high student debt, and lower-income ability all suggest that Baker College of Flint did not give its students a good return on their investment. The school also had a high failure rate of 15.5%, which showed that its financial help and student support services were not up to par.

Are There Any Good Things About Baker College of Flint?

Even though Baker College of Flint didn’t do well, it did show some good qualities. Notably, the school had a 100% acceptance rate, which meant that students who might not have met the requirements of other schools could still go there.

According to reports, 82% of graduates found work in their field of study within two years of completion, which was another good thing about the school. This means having strong ties with companies and other businesses in the same field, as well as making sure the school’s lessons are in line with what employers want.

What Other Options Are There Besides Baker College of Flint?

There are many choices outside of Michigan for people who want to go to school instead of Baker College of Flint. U.S. News & World Report lists the following schools as some of the best in Michigan:

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor: A public research university that is ranked among the top 25 universities in the country and offers more than 250-degree options in a wide range of subjects.

Michigan State University: A public research university that is ranked in the top 80 colleges in the country. It is known for its business, engineering, and agriculture studies.

Michigan Technological University: A public research university that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) areas and is ranked among the top 150 universities in the country.

Calvin University: A private, Christian liberal arts college that is ranked as one of the top ten area universities in the Midwest. It offers a complete education that combines faith and study.

Kalamazoo College: A private liberal arts college that is ranked among the top 70 liberal arts schools in the country. It focuses on hands-on learning through jobs, study abroad, and community service.

Students in Michigan and other states can get a good education and a wide range of job options at these schools and others like them. Students who want to go to college should do a lot of study and compare schools based on their academic skills, goals, and budget.


In conclusion, Baker College of Flint has the unfortunate distinction of having the poorest reputation among Michigan universities, owing mostly to its low completion rate, high student debt, and lower post-graduation income. Despite some favorable elements, such as a 100% admission rate and a reasonable job rate for graduates in their profession, the aggregate data indicates a mediocre return on investment. Prospective students seeking a great education in Michigan many numerous options, including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Calvin University, and Kalamazoo College.

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