This Place Is Known As Vermont’s Most Haunted Place


Though its charming villages, natural beauty, and historical significance are well-known, Vermont has a darker side that is full of ghost stories, curses, and mysterious occurrences. Of all the haunted places in Vermont, the Eddy House in Chittenden stands out as an especially eerie and alluring apparition.

The Eddy House: A Home for Phantoms and Mediums

The ghostly history of the Eddy House dates back to its original owner, Zepaniah Eddy, whose three descendants were psychics. The Eddy children, William, Horatio, and Mary, had mediumistic powers at an early age. They interacted with ghosts, went into trances, spoke in angelic voices, and eventually were dismissed from school for supposedly performing feats like floating desks and launching books through the air.

Zepaniah sold his kids to a traveling sideshow after growing weary of the strange disturbances, and they were cruelly exploited there for 14 years. After their father passed away, the kids went back to the Eddy House and turned it into the Green Tavern. They held séances for visitors here, seemingly effortlessly calling forth ghosts. Journalist Henry Steel Olcott came to confirm the veracity of their powers. He went on to become a co-founder of the Theosophical Society.

Olcott wrote about his experiences in a book titled “People from Other Worlds,” including descriptions of spirits, the estate, and the Eddy House because he was convinced of the Eddys’ supernatural abilities.

The ghosts the Eddys allegedly produced included both exotic beings like a Hindu princess, a Native American chief, and even a gigantic snake, as well as historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. It was claimed that certain ghosts originated from far-off planets like Jupiter and Saturn. The Eddys acknowledged that they had no power over these apparitions and would sometimes confess to being afraid when they were around.

The Eddy House Today: Spirits in the Snow

These days, the Eddy House is the High Life Ski Club, a members-only community for ski aficionados. Club members describe paranormal happenings in the house, such as doors opening and closing on their own, sounds and footsteps that seem to be coming from another place, objects that move or vanish out of nowhere, and areas with drafts and cold spots that make no sense. Some even claim to have seen or felt the lingering presence of apparitions that resemble the Eddys and their ghostly visitors.

Although the location is closed to the public, paranormal investigators who have been given access have recorded electronic voice phenomena (EVPs), pictures, and videos as proof of these hauntings. The variety and severity of the paranormal experiences that take place inside the Eddy House contribute to its reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Vermont and possibly the entire globe.

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In Summary

In conclusion, there are good reasons why the Eddy House in Chittenden continues to be regarded as the most haunted location in Vermont. It used to be the home of a family of mediums who could communicate with ghosts in other dimensions, time, and space. These days, it houses a ski club and is haunted by the Eddys and their ghostly visitors. The Eddy House continues to be a place that fascinates and frightens anybody who is brave enough to enter.

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