This Pennsylvania City Has Been Named One of the “Dangerous Cities” in the Entire Country


Pennsylvania is a state with beautiful scenery, a long past, and a lot of different cultures. There is, however, some crime in it, especially in some of its towns. Statistics from the FBI show that McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, is the most dangerous place in the whole country.

Why Are Mckees Rocks So Dangerous?

Only 6,046 people are living in McKees Rocks, which is a small city in Allegheny County. A lot of crime does happen there, though. 205% more than the national average and 101% more than the state average. This means that anyone who lives or visits has a 1 in 16 chance of being a victim of any crime and a 1 in 58 chance of being killed by a crime.

There are 2 crime rates in the city, which means it is safer than 2% of other towns in the US. Burglary, theft, and car theft are the most common types of crimes in McKees Rocks. They made up 4,723 of the 6,409 crimes that were recorded in 2020. However, the city also has a lot of serious crimes, like rape, murder, attack, and theft, which make up 1,687 of all the crimes.

The high crime rate in McKees Rocks is partly caused by the high number of poor people living there. The city’s typical family income is $28,750, which is 48% less than the average income in the United States. The number of people living in poverty is 29.9%, which is 97% more than the national average. 9.1% of people are unemployed, which is 44% more than the national figure. People in this area are stuck in a circle of hopelessness, anger, and violence because of their bad finances.

One more thing that affects the crime rate in McKees Rocks is the lack of schooling and chances. One-sixth fewer students in the city (79%) than in the whole country graduate. The city also has a low rate of people who have finished college (11%), which is 59% less than the national average. These low amounts of education make it harder to get a good job, start a business, or make your life better overall.

What Makes Mckees Rocks Different From Other Pennsylvanian Cities That Are Dangerous?

There are more dangerous places in Pennsylvania than just McKees Rocks. A lot of other places have issues like this, like a lot of crime. These are some of the other most dangerous places in Pennsylvania:

Darby: Only 10,667 people live in this place, but it has 188% more crime than the national average. In 2020, 152 violent crimes, such as attack, rape, robbery, and murder, were reported in this city, making it the most dangerous in Pennsylvania. A lot of people in the city are poor—28.2%—and the typical home value is only $82,800.

Chester: The crime rate in Chester is 184% higher than the national average. The city has 33,988 people. Of the 1,017 violent crimes recorded in 2020, 23 were killings. This makes it the second most dangerous city in Pennsylvania. 33.5% of people in the city live in poverty, and the typical home worth is only $49,900.

McKeesport: The crime rate in McKeesport is 170% higher than the national average. The city has 19,731 people living in it. Eighteen people were killed in 404 known violent crimes in 2020, making it the third most dangerous city in Pennsylvania. A lot of people in the city are poor—29.8%—and the typical home value is only $39,400.

Yadon: 11,471 people are living in this city, and the crime rate is 165% higher than the national average. It is Pennsylvania’s fourth most dangerous city, with 192 violent crimes reported in 2020, three of which were killings. There are also a lot of poor people in the city (16.9%), and the average home is only worth $125,700.

In Mckees Rocks and Other Dangerous Cities, What Can Be Done to Make Things Better?

The high crime rate in Pennsylvania’s McKees Rocks and other dangerous towns is a complicated issue with many parts that need an organized and all-encompassing solution. There isn’t just one way to solve the problem. Instead, there needs to be a mix of tactics that deal with both the reasons and effects of crime. Some options for how to fix it are:

Putting money into education and job training: Giving people the tools and chances they need to succeed in life is one of the best ways to stop crime. People who live in McKees Rocks and other dangerous places can improve their chances of finding a steady and rewarding job and become less dependent on welfare or illegal activities by making education and job training better available and better quality.

Offering social services and support: Giving people the tools and help they need to deal with their problems and improve their health is another way to stop crime. Helping people in McKees Rocks and other dangerous places deal with their stress, trauma, and mental health problems through therapy, health care, housing, food, and child care is one way to keep them from turning to violence or drugs.

Increasing community security and participation: a third way to lower crime is for the police and the community to work together better. People who live in McKees Rocks and other dangerous places can build trust and respect with the police by getting more involved in their communities. They can then work together to find and fix problems in their areas. Community policing and involvement can also make the police more accountable and open, and they can also cut down on police violence and other bad behavior.


According to FBI data, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania is the most dangerous place in the United States. The city has a lot of crime problems. The high crime rates are caused in part by poverty, unemployment, and a lack of schooling. Other dangerous Pennsylvania towns, such as Darby, Chester, McKeesport, and Yeadon, also have problems like these. One way to cut down on crime in these places is to deal with the problems at their roots by improving education, job training, social services, and community safety and participation.

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