This County in South Carolina Has Been Named the Most Poverty-Ridden County in the State


Dillon County, located in the far northeast of the state, is home to a tiny yet prosperous rural village. Dillon County, with a population of just more than 32,000, has South Carolina’s highest poverty rate. According to the United States Census Bureau, 31.2% of Dillon County residents live below the poverty line. When combined, it is more than double the state’s overall poverty rate of 14.5%.

Causes of Dillon County’s Poverty

A variety of factors contribute to Dillon County’s poverty. One of the most significant causes is a lack of economic prospects. Because the county is predominantly agricultural, there are few prospects in the service and manufacturing industries. As a result, the unemployment rate has grown to 10.2 percent.

Low levels of education contribute to Dillon County residents’ poverty. Dillon County has one of the lowest rates of adults with a bachelor’s degree or above (21.6%). As a result, residents have a more difficult time getting good-paying jobs.

In addition, there are many single-parent households in Dillon County. These families are more likely to be poor than those headed by two people.

Effects of Low Income on Dillon County Residents

Poverty has a significant impact on the lives of Dillon County residents. Potential results include homelessness, poor health, and food insecurity. Children from low-income homes confront extra hurdles, such as behavioral problems and high dropout rates.

Need for More Just and Welcoming Community in Dillon County

Dillon County needs a multifaceted plan to create a more equitable and inviting community for all. As part of this endeavor, we will address issues such as inequality of opportunity, poverty, and prejudice. It will also require deeper links between diverse community groups.

Combating Low Income in Dillon County

Dillon County is home to some organizations and initiatives that are actively working to reduce poverty. Among them are:

  • The Dillon County Community Action Agency provides low-income families with a variety of programs, including food assistance, housing, and job training.
  • Offering preschool, after-school, and summer programs is one way the Dillon County School District hopes to improve student success.
  • The United Way of Dillon County assists with some social care services throughout the county.

What Role Can Companies and Individuals Play in Reducing Poverty in Dillon County?

Businesses and people in Dillon County may battle poverty in a variety of ways. People may help organizations battling poverty by providing money or offering their time. Companies may help by hiring locals and giving to community organizations.


Despite its rural attractiveness, Dillon County has a poverty rate that is more than double the state average. Limited economic possibilities, poor education levels, and the preponderance of single-parent homes all contribute to this problem. The negative consequences, including homelessness and health difficulties, demand a comprehensive strategy for a more equitable and inclusive Dillon County. Existing initiatives and community participation may pave the way for a better, more equitable future.

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