This City Is Known as Maine’s Murder Capital


Maine is well known for its delicious seafood, charming towns, and kind residents. But it also has a darker side: murder. The state’s murder capitals are four Maine localities that reported murders in 2023, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. Finding the city with the highest murder rate per capita is a startling discovery.

Old Town: The Most Dangerous City in Maine

Nestled in Penobscot County, close to the University of Maine, Old Town is a small city of 7,362 people with a rich history that includes Native American culture, the lumber industry, and paper mills. Old Town is known for crime and violence in addition to its rich history. With one murder reported in the city in 2023, the murder rate jumped to 13.6 per 100,000 people, almost seven times higher than the national average. According to this startling figure, Old Town is the most dangerous city in Maine and among the riskiest in the nation.

An act of domestic violence resulted in the lone homicide in Old Town in 2023 when a man fatally stabbed his girlfriend in their flat. The victim’s family and friends were startled and saddened by the suspect’s arrest and subsequent murder charges, and they sent their condolences on social media. The high murder rate in Old Town is not new. With one murder reported in the city in 2019, the murder rate per 100,000 people was 13.8. That year, a guy was attacked by a rival dealer during a drug-related shooting incident. The offender was found and accused of killing someone.

Police Chief Scott Wilcox promised to deal with the criminal problem in Old Town after recognizing it. Increased patrols, community policing projects, partnerships with neighborhood groups for preventive and intervention efforts, and public outreach encouraging people to report suspicious activity and assist law enforcement are just a few of the steps taken.

York: The Second Most Dangerous City in Maine

York, a coastal town in York County with 13,413 residents that is close to the border with New Hampshire, is well-known for its animals, beaches, and historic landmarks. Nevertheless, it conceals a buried dark side: murder. York is ranked as the second most dangerous city in Maine and among the most dangerous cities in the country for 2023, with one murder reported, translating to a murder rate of 7.5 per 100,000 people.

A stranger fatally stabbed a man in a parking lot in York in 2023 in what appeared to be a random act of violence. After being detained, the suspect was accused of murder. The victim’s friends and family were distraught, and the motivation remained a mystery.

Notably, York has a very high murder rate. With zero murders per 100,000 residents, the town boasts a murder rate of zero in 2019. At that time, York was listed as one of Maine’s and the nation’s safest cities.

Police Chief Charles Szeniawski expressed amazement and dismay at York’s murder rate, but he reassured the public that it was an isolated incident. He stressed that York is still a friendly and safe place, with law enforcement working hard to deter and solve crimes.

Murders in Other Maine Cities

Augusta and Biddeford each reported one murder in 2023, making them the other two cities in Maine with murder statistics. Both Biddeford, a community of 21,523 inhabitants in York County, famed for its textile industry and Franco-American roots, and Augusta, the state capital and third-largest city in Maine with 18,713 residents, had murder rates below 5 per 100,000 people, which was lower than the national average.

In the unrelated 2023 murders in Augusta and Biddeford, a woman was strangled by her boyfriend and a fatal roommate dispute shooting occurred. In both instances, the offenders were taken into custody and accused of killing.

Over time, Augusta and Biddeford both had variations in their homicide rates. Augusta recorded zero murders in 2019, whereas Biddeford recorded one. Augusta had one murder while Biddeford had two in 2018. The two cities employed a range of tactics to tackle criminal activity, such as augmenting law enforcement visibility, improving community interaction, and offering social assistance.

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In Summary

Despite the common perception that it is a peaceful and safe state, Maine has a murder problem. Of the four cities that reported murders in 2023, Old Town and York had the highest per capita murder rates. Domestic violence, drug trafficking, and mental health problems were among the problems these cities had to deal with, which may have contributed to the increased levels of violence. Nonetheless, it is clear that they are resilient and determined to improve safety and quality of life. Law enforcement and community cooperation in the fight against crime demonstrate Maine’s ability to deal with issues and provide help to victims and their families. Maine has its capital cities of murder, but it also has its heroes.

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