This City Has Been Named the Most Corrupt City in America


However, New Jersey, which is often called the “Garden State,” has once again been named the most crooked state in the country.

A new study from the Institute for Corruption Studies at Illinois State University ranks states by the number of convictions for public corruption per person from 1976 to 2023.

What Causes Corruption in New Jersey?

The report’s author, economist Oguzhan Dincer, who runs the Institute for Corruption Studies, talked about a few things that make New Jersey a very crooked state:

Demographics: The state’s large population and wide range of racial and cultural groups make cheating more likely and open to more people.

The colonial age is when New Jersey’s history of corruption began. The state has a long history of corrupt behavior.

This City Has Been Named the Most Corrupt City in America

Voter Participation: New Jersey has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, which shows that people there aren’t involved in their communities or accountable to their government.

Important Cases of Corruption in New Jersey

In New Jersey, corruption affects all parts of public life and goes beyond specific levels or branches of government. Here are some well-known examples:

Sen. Bob Menendez: The senior senator from New Jersey was charged with federal bribery in 2023. He was said to have taken large gifts and favors from a wealthy eye doctor in return for political power.

Police Officers in Paterson: Five former police officers in Paterson were sent to prison in 2023 as part of an ongoing FBI probe into corruption.


There is a lot of corruption in many states, but New Jersey is currently the most crooked state in the United States.

This tough issue has its roots in the state’s past, culture, and population. People, law enforcement, and government leaders will all need to work together to solve this problem.

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