This City Has Been Named the Most Conservative City in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is a large and diversified state with liberal and conservative communities. A significant chunk of this variation may be attributed to the political leanings of its cities. Pennsylvania is known as a swing state, although certain communities are more inclined to support the Republican Party than others. So, which city in Pennsylvania is the most conservative?

Conservatism Measurement

There is no definite way to assess a city’s conservatism since several variables impact the political orientation of its population. However, the following are some frequent signs that can be used:

Voting patterns: How did the city vote in previous elections, particularly presidential elections? The more votes cast for the Republican candidate, the more conservative the city is likely to be.

Demographics: What is the city’s racial, ethnic, religious, and age makeup? Some demographics, such as white, Christian, and older people, tend to vote more conservatively than others.

What are the primary industries and sectors that fuel the city’s economy? Conservative policies, such as deregulation, reduced taxes, and less government intrusion, may be preferred by some firms and vocations.

What are the dominant values and beliefs of the city’s residents? Abortion, gun rights, immigration, and gay marriage are some subjects that may show conservative viewpoints.

We may use these characteristics to rank Pennsylvania cities depending on their conservatism and see which one comes out on top.

Top 10 Most Conservative Cities in Pennsylvania

RoadSnacks, a website that looks at different kinds of data, says that these are Pennsylvania’s 10 most conservative towns for 2023:

  1. Punxsutawney
  2. Somerset
  3. Lewi
  4. Huntingdon
  5. DuBois
  6. Clearfield
  7. Selinsgrove
  8. Bradford
  9. St. Marys
  10. Sayre

To rank the places, the website used Saturday Night Science, a method that looks at how people in each city voted in previous elections. These towns were named the most conservative in the state based on the number of Republican votes they had.

Most Conservative City in Pennsylvania: Punxsutawney

The winner is Punxsutawney, which will be the most conservative city in Pennsylvania in 2023. The city of Jefferson County is famous for the event it holds every year on Groundhog Day when a groundhog named Phil tells people what the weather will be like for the rest of winter.

But the city is also known for being very conservative. In the 2020 presidential election, 78.7% of the vote went to the Republican candidate.

Punxsutawney’s conservative views can also be seen in its people, business, and society. Most of the people in the city are older (median age of 45.4 years), white (97.6%), and Christian (75.4%).

Making things, shopping, and health care are the city’s main businesses, and these fields tend to support conservative policies. The city also has a low rate of crime, a high rate of homes, and a low rate of poverty, which may mean that people who live there feel safe and stable.

It’s not just Punxsutawney that is conservative; the county and area around it lean Republican as well. In the 2020 election, 76.9% of people in Jefferson County, which has about 43,000 people, chose the Republican candidate.

Along with the rest of Pennsylvania, the county is in the 15th congressional district, which is run by Republican Glenn Thompson and has been since 2009.

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