This Church Has Been Named Oldest Church in Maryland


Maryland has a diversified religious heritage stretching back to its origins, accommodating people of many faiths and beliefs. Among its numerous churches, Old Trinity Church in Church Creek is notable for its age and significance.

As the oldest continually used church edifice in the continental United States and the original thirteen states, it has enormous historical importance and should be explored.

Old Trinity Church: History

Old Trinity Church, built approximately 1675 during Maryland’s colonial period, was founded by Eastern Shore Anglican immigrants. Originally named Dorchester Parish Church, it functioned as a local place of worship, saving locals from having to travel to other areas.

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Despite hardships such as fires, storms, and vandalism, the church persevered thanks to the commitment of its congregation. Restoration work, particularly in the 1950s, helped to maintain the structure’s architectural integrity. Its heritage covers critical times in American history and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Architecture of the Old Trinity Church

Old Trinity Church is a great example of colonial architecture, combining English and Dutch elements from the 17th century. Its red brick façade, constructed in Flemish bond and with glazed headers, demonstrates excellent craftsmanship.

The inside has a wooden floor, plaster walls, and a simple yet charming style. Historic items such as a wooden pulpit, baptismal font, and communion silver set contribute to the ambiance. Stained glass windows show biblical images, which enhances the spiritual atmosphere.

Legacy of the Old Trinity Church

Old Trinity Church is more than just a historical remnant; it is still an active house of worship, conducting regular services and special events. It continues to serve its congregation and community by participating in outreach activities and humanitarian causes. As a symbol of faith and perseverance, it represents Maryland’s religious tradition and invites visitors to appreciate its eternal beauty and importance.

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Old Trinity Church represents Maryland’s cultural character and deserves to be recognized and appreciated for its historical and spiritual achievements. Visit this beloved monument for an extraordinary trip through time and religion.


In the end, Old Trinity Church, a historic beauty built in 1675, embodies Maryland’s rich religious tapestry. As the oldest continuously used church structure in the continental United States, it exemplifies colonial architecture and Maryland’s lasting religion. Beyond its historical significance, the Old Trinity is still an active place of worship, representing resilience and spiritual continuity. A visit to this National Historic Landmark takes you on a one-of-a-kind trip through time, highlighting Maryland’s strong cultural and religious roots.

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