This Buffet Has Been Named the Best in Colorado


Even though many buffets in Colorado serve everything from Asian food to home-cooked meals, not all of them are the same.

One in particular has caught the attention of Mashed, an online food news site.

They made a list of the country’s best and most-wanted meals, and Kathmandu Restaurant was picked as the best in the state. Read on to find out more.

Kathmandu Restaurants brings genuine Himalayan food to Colorado which has won awards. This restaurant is in the hilly town of Nederland and was opened by Resham Gurung in 1999. Because the restaurant was so popular, a second one opened in Boulder in 2015 and is run by her husband Lok Malla.

The restaurants are run by families, and the food is made with only the best products. If you ask, you can get gluten-free and veggie options.

Kathmandu Restaurant can prepare for private events like birthday parties, weddings, business meetings, family reunions, and more. You can have meals brought to you and served there, or you can pick them up.
We’ve won a lot of awards for our fine meals.

This real Himalayan buffet is different from others because it always focuses on quality. They’ve won a lot of awards to show this.

Nepal was named the best restaurant in Boulder, the best restaurant in the Netherlands, and the best restaurant in Boulder for Indian food.

They always have salads, fried rice, chicken curry, tandoori chicken, noodles, sweets like rice pudding, and lots of fresh naan in their lunch and dinner buffets. You really can’t beat that for only $20 a person.

Make sure to put Kathmandu Restaurant on your list of places to eat if you want to get a good meal for a lot less than most places.

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