This Amish Buffet Has Been Named One of the Best Fried Chickens in All of Louisiana


If you are interested in a healthy and wonderful dinner, go to Miller’s Amish Buffet in Baton Rouge. This family-owned restaurant provides traditional Amish food, including some of Louisiana’s best fried chicken.

What is Amish cuisine?

Amish cuisine is a form of American regional cuisine that evolved in the Amish settlements of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Amish are a religious sect that chooses a simple and traditional lifestyle, rejecting modern technology and amenities. Their cuisine represents their culture and beliefs, with fresh and locally sourced products, handcrafted recipes, and basic cooking methods.

Some common dishes in Amish cuisine include:

  • Scrapple: A breakfast sausage prepared of pork, cornmeal, and seasonings.
  • Shoofly pie: A sweet pie prepared with molasses, brown sugar, and a crumbly topping.
  • Chicken and dumplings: A substantial stew consisting of chicken, veggies, and dumplings.
  • Apple butter: A thick, creamy spread prepared with cooked apples, sugar, and spices.

Why are Miller’s Amish Buffets so popular?

Miller’s Amish Buffet is a popular site for both residents and visitors, who come for the huge quantities, pleasant service, and delicious cuisine. The buffet serves a range of meals, including salads, soups, meats, and desserts. But the fried chicken is unquestionably the star of the show, since it is crispy on the exterior, juicy on the inside, and well seasoned.

The key to Miller’s fried chicken is the use of fresh, organic chicken purchased from local Amish farms. The chicken is then marinated in a specific combination of herbs and spices before being fried in lard, giving it a rich and savory taste. Fried chicken comes with a variety of sides, including mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, and biscuits.

How to Visit Miller’s Amish Buffet?

Address: 123 Main Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801

Miller’s Amish Buffet is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and closes on Sunday. The buffet is $15.99 per person and includes unlimited beverages and sweets. The restaurant also provides catering services for gatherings and parties.

If you want a fulfilling and economical supper, Miller’s Amish Buffet is a must-try. You will not be disappointed with their delicious fried chicken, and you may even discover new flavors and recipes from the Amish culture. Miller’s Amish Buffet is more than a restaurant; it’s an experience.


In short, Miller’s Amish Buffet in Baton Rouge provides a lovely eating experience with its famous and well-seasoned fried chicken derived from local Amish farms. The restaurant captures the spirit of Amish food, stressing simplicity, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking methods. A visit offers a tasty and reasonably priced lunch, as well as an engaging cultural experience.

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