These Three Vermont Cities Are Offering Free Land to People


Vermont is well-known for its natural beauty, progressive politics, and great quality of life, but it also offers considerable incentives to people looking for a fresh start. This article looks at three Vermont cities that provide free land to people looking to build a house, start a company, or contribute to the community.

1. Alburgh

Alburgh, a town of about 2,000 people on a peninsula on Lake Champlain near the Canadian border, has a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. The town is offering free land for the construction of single-family residences on 10 available lots in the town center, with sizes ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 acres.

These lots include water, sewage, and electrical connections. Alburgh also offers a tax stability scheme for new homeowners, which ensures a lower property tax rate for the first five years. Alburgh is looking for people who want to live in a rural, pleasant, and picturesque community and who can help revitalize the town’s economy and culture.

2. Newark

Newark, with a population of roughly 580, is a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts, surrounded by forests, lakes, and trails. Newark is offering free land to anyone interested in building a company in the municipality. The community sets aside 10 acres for commercial development, making the property available for free to entrepreneurs who can provide at least one full-time job for a local person.

Additional incentives for new enterprises include low-interest loans, tax exemptions, and other perks. Newark is looking for motivated people who want to create creative and sustainable goods and services that can diversify the town’s economy and attract more visitors.

3. Rutland

Rutland, Vermont’s second-largest city with a population of around 16,000, is a commercial, educational, and healthcare powerhouse. Rutland is providing free land to participants in the Northwest Neighborhood Revitalization Project, which aims to convert a dilapidated urban area into a dynamic, livable neighborhood.

The initiative provides 25 parcels of land for new or refurbished homes, with no cost to qualifying buyers who acquire a mortgage and finish construction within two years. Additional project advantages include home repair grants, loans, and tax credits, as well as additional resident support services. Rutland is looking for people who are committed to improving the city’s quality of life and creating a diverse, inclusive neighborhood.


Vermont’s three cities each provide unique prospects for a fresh start. Alburgh offers free land for single-family residences, encouraging inhabitants to support the town’s economy and culture. Newark encourages entrepreneurs to start businesses, granting free land and other incentives to diversify the local economy. Rutland’s Northwest Neighborhood Revitalization Project seeks to rehabilitate urban neighborhoods by offering free land and support to people committed to improving the city’s quality of life.

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