These Four Virginia Destinations Have Been Named Among the Most Dangerous Towns in the U.S


Virginia is a state with a long history, diversified topography, and a population of more than 8.6 million. However, not all of its cities and towns are as secure and pleasant.

According to FBI crime statistics, several Virginia communities have greater rates of violent and property crimes than the state and national norms. Here are four Virginia locations ranked among the most hazardous communities in the United States.

1. Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a seaside city on the Elizabeth River, located across from Norfolk. It is home to the US Norfolk Naval Shipyard and a large number of military personnel. However, it has the highest violent and property crime rates in Virginia, with 7.49 and 37.78 per 1,000 population, respectively.

In 2022, residents had a one-in-114 chance of becoming the victim of an assault, murder, or rape. Portsmouth also has the third-highest burglary rate in the state, with 421 occurrences reported throughout the year.

2. Norfolk

Norfolk is Virginia’s third-biggest city and home to the world’s largest naval facility. It boasts a seaside location on the Chesapeake Bay and the Elizabeth River. However, there is a high incidence of crime, particularly violent crime.

Norfolk’s violent crime rate was 7.81 per 1,000 population, more than above the state average. Property crime was also 2.5 times higher than the state norm and nearly double the national rate. Norfolk’s crime rate per square mile was over ten times higher than the state average.

3. Roanoke

Roanoke is a city in southwest Virginia nestled between the Roanoke Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is renowned for its natural beauty and cultural attractions. However, there is a serious problem with crime, particularly property crime.

Roanoke has the state’s highest property crime rate, 38.77 per 1,000 people. Violent crime was over three times the state average, at 4.90 per 1,000 people. Roanoke has the state’s second-highest burglary rate, with 1,028 instances reported in 2022.

4. Newport News

Newport News is a major coastal city on the Virginia Peninsula along the James River. It is a significant industrial and military hub, with a thriving shipbuilding sector and several military installations. However, violent crime is prevalent and has lately increased.

Newport News had a violent crime rate of 6.38 per 1,000 population, about three times the state average. Property crime and crimes per square mile were both above the state average. The western side of Newport News is often the safest.


In conclusion, Virginia, despite its rich history and different landscapes, struggles with crime rates in several places. Portsmouth, Norfolk, Roanoke, and Newport News have higher-than-average violent and property crime rates, highlighting the importance of community-focused measures to address safety concerns in these communities and improve overall well-being.

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