These 7 Secret Spots Robbers Check First When Invading Pennsylvania Homes


Many Pennsylvania homeowners are concerned about home security, particularly with the recent increase in property crimes in the Keystone State. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, 41,409 burglaries were recorded in 2022, a 9.3% rise over the previous year.

While some burglaries are unplanned and opportunistic, others are carefully planned and executed by astute thieves who know where to hunt for goods. If you believe you have a smart hiding place for your cash, jewels, or other valuable stuff, think again. Here are seven ‘ secret areas’ that thieves investigate first when breaking into Pennsylvania houses.

Under the Mattress

This is undoubtedly the oldest and most obvious hiding place in the book, yet some individuals continue to utilize it out of convenience or a lack of other choices. However, robbers are aware of this and will go directly to the master bedroom and remove the mattress to examine what’s below. If you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash or treasured goods, avoid this location at all costs.

In the Freezer

Some individuals believe that storing their valuables in the freezer is a good idea since a thief is unlikely to go through your frozen food. However, burglars are aware of this typical hiding area and will search your freezer for any strange containers or parcels containing cash or gold. Furthermore, you risk ruining your valuables due to moisture or temperature fluctuations.

In Dresser Drawers

Another convenient and accessible hiding area is in your dresser drawers, particularly those containing your underwear or socks. You may believe that a burglar would not bother going through your personal belongings, but they would. They may even throw the contents of your drawers on the floor to ensure they don’t forget anything. Do not make it simple for them to locate your valuables by hiding them in plain sight.

In the Closet

You may have a box, bag, or suitcase in your closet where you keep your valuables, believing that it is out of sight and out of mind. However, criminals will search your closet for possible treasure and will not hesitate to open or smash any containers that may contain valuable items. If you have a safe in your closet, make sure it is bolted down and secured with a solid lock; otherwise, burglars may take it away.

A Flower Vase

A flower vase may appear to be a pretty and harmless item, yet it might draw the attention of thieves hunting for hidden valuables. Some individuals hide their cash or jewels in a plastic bag or tiny pouch and place it within the vase, believing that the flowers will conceal it. However, criminals may check for evidence of tampering or a weight differential in the vase and will not hesitate to destroy it to examine what’s within.


In reaction to the recent increase in property crimes in Pennsylvania, homeowners should reevaluate traditional hiding sites for valuables. With 41,409 burglaries recorded in 2022, typical hiding places such as beneath the mattress, freezer, dresser drawers, and closets are susceptible. Thieves are aware of these sites and will do thorough searches, stressing the importance of more secure and innovative concealing ways to properly protect cash, jewelry, or other precious items.

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