There is an Abandoned Town in Florida Most People Don’t Know About It


Florida is well-known for its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and wildlife, but it also boasts a hidden gem that few people know about. One of Florida’s hidden mysteries is an abandoned town that was once booming but is now forgotten and rotting. This town is called Ellaville, and it has a fascinating history.

The Rise and Fall of Ellaville

Ellaville was established in 1861 by George F. Drew, a rich businessman who owned a sawmill and a railroad. Drew erected a home, a hotel, a school, a church, and many businesses in the town, which grew into a regional hub of trade and culture. Ellaville had a population of around 1,000 people at its peak and was visited by notable figures such as President Grover Cleveland and Mark Twain.

However, Ellaville’s success was short-lived. Overharvesting and rivalry from other states contributed to the demise of the wood sector in the late 1800s. Drew sold his sawmill and railroad in 1897 and relocated out of town. Ellaville began to lose residents and companies as a result of a lack of a reliable source of revenue and transportation. By the 1920s, the town was nearly deserted, and by the 1940s, it was abandoned.

The Remains of Ellaville

Ellaville is now a deserted town, slowly being reclaimed by nature. The only structures that remain are the remains of Drew’s home and hotel, which are covered in vines and graffiti. The remainder of the town is covered in dirt, rubble, and plants. The only evidence of human activity is infrequent tourists who come to investigate the town’s history and mystery.

Ellaville is located in Suwannee County, next to the Suwannee River State Park. The settlement is not depicted on any maps and is only accessible by a gravel road leading to a barred gate. Visitors must acquire permission from the Suwannee River Water Management District, which owns the area, before entering the village. The district warns that the town is dangerous and unstable, and visitors should be cautious and courteous.

The Legacy of Ellaville

Ellaville is one of several abandoned villages dotting the American countryside, each with its history and mysteries. These communities serve as reminders of both the past and the changes that have influenced the present. They also provide a look into a different way of life and the opportunity to ponder what may have been.

Ellaville is a little-known piece of Florida history that deserves to be discovered and preserved. It’s a community that once had a promising future but is now in the shadows. It is a town that has no inhabitants but retains its essence.


In summary, Ellaville, a forgotten town in Florida, was once a vibrant metropolis founded in 1861 by George F. Drew. It grew to a population of 1,000 and was visited by important persons before succumbing to the demise of the timber industry and transportation challenges.

The remnants, which have been abandoned and slowly reclaimed by nature, serve as a cryptic reminder of a bygone period, encouraging careful study and preservation of its unique history.

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