The Top 5 Risky Neighborhoods in San Francisco, California


While San Francisco is a diverse and beautiful city, it also has issues with violence and crime. Some neighborhoods are more vulnerable to criminal activity than others, thus awareness and safety measures are necessary.

1. Pork loin

Located in the center of San Francisco, the Tenderloin is a low-income, densely inhabited neighborhood infamous for its high rates of violent crime, homelessness, drug use, and prostitution.

The Tenderloin recorded the most amount of violent incidents in 2024—1,234 cases total—with 12 homicides, 94 rapes, 507 robberies, and 621 assaults, according to the San Francisco Police Department’s Crime Dashboard. With 18 incidences, it also recorded the largest number of cases of human trafficking. The Tenderloin is frequently considered a “no-go zone” by both tourists and locals because of its dirt, chaos, and danger.

2. The Mission neighborhood

The Mission District is well-known for its lively nightlife, restaurants, murals, and culture, but it’s also a hotspot for property crime, gang activity, and shootings. With 1,029 incidences of violent incidents in 2024—including 9 homicides, 51 rapes, 403 robberies, and 566 assaults—it came in second place.

In addition, the Mission District had the second-highest number of motor vehicle thefts (1,053 occurrences) and the greatest number of burglaries (1,176 incidents). Conflicts between rival gangs, especially those between the Sureños and the Norteños, add to the difficult environment of the neighborhood.

3. Hunters Point-Bayview

Southeast of San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point was historically home to African Americans and is renowned for being one of the poorest and most remote neighborhoods. It has social and environmental problems and was third in the country for violent incidents in 2024 (726 cases, including 243 robberies, 15 homicides, 36 rapes, and 432 assaults).

In addition, the area recorded the third-largest number of motor vehicle thefts (948 events) and the highest number of arson crimes (24 incidents). The Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood is linked to problems like drug trafficking, gun violence, and police brutality.

4. The area south of Market

South of Market, or SoMa, is a cosmopolitan district that extends south of Market Street and is home to tech firms, museums, lodging facilities, and entertainment centers. Notwithstanding its conveniences, there is a high crime and disturbance rate in some locations, particularly those close to the Civic Center and the Sixth Street corridor.

With 714 incidences of violent crimes in 2024—including 6 homicides, 48 rapes, 342 robberies, and 318 assaults—South of Market came in fourth place overall. In addition, it had the third-highest number of burglaries (1,003 events) and the second-highest number of thefts by larceny (4,276 instances). A feeling of uneasiness is exacerbated by the presence of drug addicts, panhandlers, and people struggling with mental health concerns.

5. The Western Expansion

West of Van Ness Avenue, the Western Addition is a diversified and historically significant area noted for its Victorian homes, jazz clubs, and cultural treasures. But it’s also known for its regular crime and violence, especially in the neighborhoods close to Alamo Square and the Fillmore District.

In 2024, the Western Addition registered 573 violent cases—including 7 homicides, 28 rapes, 237 robberies, and 301 assaults—making it the fifth-highest number of occurrences reported. In addition, it had the fifth-highest number of burglaries (762 events) and the fourth-highest number of larceny thefts (2,857 instances). In the Western Addition, turf disputes, shootings, and vandalism are frequent occurrences.

In summary

San Francisco is an example of a contradictory city where danger and beauty coexist. Every neighborhood experiences crime and violence, even though some are quieter and safer than others. Both locals and guests should be alert, cautious, and knowledgeable about any dangers or threats in their immediate surroundings.

With this strategy, they can enjoy the city’s beauties and attractions without jeopardizing their security or well-being.

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