The Scary Story Behind This Haunted School in Florida is Horrifying


Florida is renowned for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and natural beauty. However, it has a dark side, with numerous haunted sites concealing secrets and atrocities from the past. One of these locations is the Oviedo School, a former elementary school that is now abandoned and rotting.

Oviedo School: History

The Oviedo School was constructed in 1926 as part of the Seminole County Public School System. It serviced the rural village of Oviedo, which was primarily made up of farmers and citrus producers. The school contained six classrooms, a cafeteria, and a library that could seat up to 200 pupils.

The school was open until 1969 when it closed due to poor enrollment and integration. The structure was eventually used as a storage facility, community center, and haunted house attraction. It was later abandoned and left to decay, becoming a target for vandals, squatters, and ghost seekers.

The Supernatural activity at Oviedo School

According to local mythology, the Oviedo School is haunted by the souls of deceased students and instructors. Some of the claimed paranormal phenomena are:

Apparitions: Many people have reported seeing ghostly forms of youngsters and adults walking the halls and classrooms. Some are described as pleasant, while others are antagonistic and violent.

Voices: Laughter, sobbing, yelling, and whispering may be heard throughout the building. Some voices are reported to shout out the guests’ names or advise them to leave.

Objects Moving: Books, desks, chairs, and other items have been observed to move on their own or be tossed across the room. Some of the items are alleged to have blood stains or scratches on them.

Cold spots: The temperature in certain sections of the school lowers substantially, causing a sense of unease and dread. Some people have described feeling a chilly hand touch them or a breath on their neck.

Electrical Malfunctions: Cameras, flashlights, and other electrical gadgets have been known to malfunction or shut off on their own. Some of the gadgets have acquired unusual pictures or noises that did not exist previously.

Theories Behind the Hauntings

Several ideas and anecdotes are attempting to explain the genesis of the hauntings at the Oviedo School. Some of the more popular ones include:

The Fire: Some say the school caught fire in the 1940s, killing numerous students and instructors. Their spirits are locked within the structure, and they are furious and restless.

The Murder: Some people claim that a caretaker murdered a little girl in the restroom and concealed her body in the basement. Her soul haunts the school, and she is seeking vengeance.

The Cult: Some think that a demonic cult performed rituals at the school, sacrificing animals and humans. Their nefarious actions established a doorway to hell, unleashing demonic forces throughout the school.

The Curse: Some people think that the school was built over a historic Native American burial place and that the spirits of the ancestors are upset by the intrusion. They curse everyone who enters the school, bringing them sorrow and harm.


The abandoned Oviedo School in Florida, once a community hub, now houses ghost stories and strange happenings. According to legends, the ghosts of departed students and instructors haunt the grounds, manifesting as apparitions, voices, moving items, cold spots, and electrical failures. Various hypotheses, such as a tragic fire, a horrible murder, a demonic cult, or a cursed Native American burial place, seek to explain the strange hauntings, adding to the eerie attraction of this rotting monument.

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