The First Postpartum Depression Pill Officially Available on the Market, Offering Hope to New Mothers


The first pill to help postpartum depression is now available, but it costs a lot, which makes people worry about their ability to get it.

The Food and Drug Administration gave the go-ahead for Biogen and Sage Pharmaceuticals to make Zurzuvae in the spring. The medicine is meant to work quickly; patients should see effects in a few days and may only need to take it for two weeks.

Unlike traditional antidepressants, which have been used to treat both major depressive disorder and maternal depression, these new drugs may start to work after a few weeks and may need to be used for a long time.

Postpartum depression is a dangerous illness that women can have after giving birth. It can also be bad for women and make it harder for them to bond with and care for their children. It’s not the same as postpartum psychosis, which is a medical emergency that has caused some moms to hurt themselves or their kids.

Even though doctors are hopeful about the new medicine, the high cost of the drug makes that hope less likely. To get Zurzuvae for 14 days, you have to pay $15,900 without insurance. This has made some experts worry that a lot of women will not be able to buy the drug even if it comes out.

Sage Pharmaceuticals had previously said that the company was working with insurance companies to make sure that the medicine would be covered and that it planned to offer financial help programs for patients.

The business also said that the price could drop below $10,000 if the drug was approved for major depression, which is a lot more widespread.

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