Texas Man Heroic Intervention That Saved a Police Officer’s Life on Highway 59


A shootout in the center of Highway 59 in Houston, Texas, between police and a suspect. After getting wounded in the leg, the cop is seen lying on the ground; that’s when the brave civilian intervenes.

Lally yells and gestures for the police to approach him as he approaches the officer with caution. Lally ducks down, snatches Officer Gibson, and pulls him to safety while the gunfight rages on.

As he is pulled away from danger, Gibson can be heard groaning and grunting in agony. Lally starts attempting to reassure the officer. Lally spoke to Gibson, saying, “I want to let you know you’re going to be OK, the officer already put a tourniquet on your leg.”

“I understand that having someone talk to you, be there for you, and simply hold your hand will likely take your mind off of a lot of that stuff when you’re going through that kind of pain.”

Lally rescued the life of the Texas police with heroism and fast thinking. Gibson was admitted to the hospital and is anticipated to fully recover. Afterward, the suspect was declared dead.

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