Texas FAMILY FINDS ABANDONED BABY Wrapped in Towel During Morning Walk

Image by: KHOU

On June 15, a Texas mom and her family went for a walk and discovered an abandoned newborn along the route.

Daniela Fedele and her family decided to go for a morning stroll on Casa Martin Drive near Bear Creek in Katy.

As they headed home in the scorching heat, they noticed something on the ground that appeared to be wrapped in a towel.

“I observed two little feet moving, and my husband was just behind me with the dogs, so I called to him. ‘Oh my God, a baby, a baby,'” Daniela Fedele told KHOU 11. “Then my husband says, ‘Call 911! Call 911!'” And that is exactly what we did.

Her husband instantly picked up the infant from the ground while she called for assistance.

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Surveillance footage shows the couple sprinting toward a little white footbridge near an open field, where the baby had been left.

They went to a nearby street and waited for first responders to come. According to the Houston Chronicle, police said surveillance video shows a skinny, young Hispanic or White male walking on the footbridge, leaning down and leaving something there before fleeing.

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Police claimed the newborn was wrapped in a blanket with its umbilical cord still attached.

Source: people.com

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