Terrifying Attack: 11-Year-Old Brutally Attacked by Pack of Mixed Breed Dogs, Suffering Sixty Bites on His Way to School

HAMILTON, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 24: The scene in Tinto View where police shot a large bulldog type of dog after it attacked a man on January 24, 2024 in Hamilton, Scotland. A man was taken to hospital after being attacked by an "out of control" dog in the Tinto View area of Hamilton. The dog also attacked a police officer and was shot dead at the scene.

A young boy from South Carolina experienced a terrifying incident on his way to school when he was pursued and attacked by a group of mixed breed dogs. The boy suffered numerous bites, totaling nearly 60 in count. 

A’Rhyan Anderson experienced a distressing incident on February 14, when four dogs attacked them at 7.40am on North Livingston Street in Clinton. 

As per the Clinton Police Department, Anderson sustained serious injuries and required immediate airlifting to the Greenville Memorial Hospital for treatment.

According to his mother, Amy Lowe, he has undergone surgery and is currently in stable condition. 

‘It’s a deeply distressing experience.’ I’m deeply affected. I believe my son has experienced significant emotional distress Lowe said.

‘He has a challenging journey ahead in terms of recovery.’ He sustained over 60 bites. There seems to be a lack of strength or physical power. ‘They devoured all the muscle from his left leg,’ Lowe informed FOX8. 

Anderson was rescued from what seemed like certain danger thanks to the swift response of a neighbor from the same community, who happened to witness the entire incident. 

911 Call Reports Terrifying Attack by Mixed Breed Dogs

A gendarmerie dog bites a man wearing protection clothes during a drill on November 7, 2019 in Pont-Scorff, western France.


Natasha Sims witnessed the dogs encircling Anderson and promptly dialed 911, making efforts to separate the dogs from the child. 

As I arrived at the scene, his lifeless form came into view. They were devouring him. The dogs appeared to have devoured him completely, Sims said. 

‘At that moment, I was uncertain about his condition.’ I witnessed a sight filled with nothing but skeletal remains. Sims described the extent of his injuries, stating that he was severely affected. 

When officers arrived at the scene, the dogs had already fled. Officers quickly located the pack and took action by shooting two of them. The other two managed to escape and are described as being large, black mixed-breed dogs. 

According to local news, the owner of the dogs remains unidentified. Following the unfortunate event, Lowe strongly emphasizes the need to locate and take action regarding the other two dogs. 

‘I believe the dogs should be euthanized.’ The owners of the dogs should be held accountable. There will be consequences for their actions. ‘I demand justice for my son,’ the anguished mother expressed.

A fundraising campaign has been initiated by a close acquaintance of the family to gather financial support for the child’s recuperation. 

As per the information provided, in addition to Anderson, Lowe has four other children. The crowdfunding page has currently received $330 in donations, which is a small fraction of its $10,000 target.

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