Teenagers Caught With AR-15 and Ghost Gun After Robbing Convenience Stores

Image by: NBC 7 San Diego

Three teens were caught by the San Diego Police. They may have robbed many retail shops in San Diego County. On Sunday, it was said that the teens may have robbed at least 17 stores in a week. People in the neighborhood were scared about this.

The cops pulled over a car on December 15 and arrested three teens: two 16-year-olds and one 14-year-old. Lt. Adam Sharki of the SDPD said that the teens robbed at least six places in San Diego. One of them may have also robbed a delivery person.

The cops found three guns, one of which was an AR-15, which is a big gun. One of the guns didn’t have a serial number, so it’s hard to track down. The cops were even more worried about how simple it is to get guns like these.

Because the suspects were minors, their names have not been made public, and they are currently being held at Juvenile Hall. Local officers are still leading the case, and they are working with other police departments to figure out the full scope of the robbery series.

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