Tampa’s Hidden Gems: 4 Tapas Bars That Will Make You Feel Like You’re in Spain


We show you Tampa’s best restaurants with delicious Spanish food in “Tampa’s Tantalizing Tapas: The Top 4 Bars for Spanish Cuisine Lovers.” Immerse yourself in the lively world of tapas, which are traditional Spanish small plates, as we show you the best food in the city.

These four bars are the best places in Tampa to get tapas, from tasty paella to tasty patatas bravas. Come with us on a delicious trip through the heart of Tampa to find the spirit of the best Spanish food.

1. Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar

  • Address: 513 N. Tampa St., Tampa, FL 33602
  • Phone: (813) 223-2831
  • Desc: Spanish eatery, bar, and delivery service

Enjoy the lively spirit of Spain at the Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar, a hidden gem of a restaurant in the middle of downtown Tampa. This cute restaurant is known for serving traditional Spanish food and has a warm, welcoming setting that’s perfect for both a romantic date night and a fun family get-together. People love the delicious croquetas de jamón and the delicious sangria.

The great service and live music also make for an amazing eating experience. Whether you’re there for the delicious tapas or the cozy atmosphere, Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar offers an evening of great food and friendly service in a small space that puts customer care and happiness first.

2. The Bulla Gastrobar

  • Address: 930 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
  • Phone: (813) 773-8626
  • Desc: Cocktail bar, and Spanish eatery

The Bulla Gastrobar is a lively cooking gem in the middle of Tampa that offers a real Spanish dining experience. People love Bulla’s tasty snacks, like the octopus carpaccio and ham croquettes, and its classics, like the rich paella and patatas bravas. The food gives people a real taste of Spain. The mood is lively and exciting, and the staff, especially Liz and Amanda, go out of their way to make sure that special events are remembered.

At Bulla Gastrobar, the food, service, and atmosphere all come together to make a memorable experience. The Luna Lounge has views of the city, and the bar is cozy, with skilled servers like Walker and Kayla taking care of guests’ needs. Bulla is a hidden gem that both locals and tourists should check out, whether it’s for a three-course brunch, a private party in their private room, or a casual happy hour.

3. Cepas Bar with Wine and Tapas

  • Address: 5350 W Village Dr, Tampa, FL 33624
  • Phone: (813) 269-9463
  • Desc: Wine bars and tapas bars

Find a hidden culinary gem in Carolwood. The combination of delicious tapas and a carefully chosen wine list makes for an amazing eating experience. This charming restaurant has a calm atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying creative meals like tomato-free ceviche and many other tasty options.

There are comfortable indoor and cool outdoor seating choices, so guests can enjoy their meals in a peaceful setting. The excellent service, lively atmosphere, and quick sitting, even on busy nights, make for a pleasant visit. If you’re in Tampa for business or fun, you have to check out this hidden gem for a great culinary journey.

4. Columbia  Restaurant

  • Address: Postal Code 33605; Address 2117 E 7th Ave
  • Phone: 813 248-4961
  • Desc: Spanish restaurant, Cuban restaurant, and food and drink provider for events

This hidden gem of a restaurant is full of history and busy with life, making for a truly unique eating experience. With 15 different eating rooms all under one roof, each visit is like a new adventure in a charming old-world setting. Guests have said that the original 1905 bar sets the stage for great service, citing the quick attention of servers like Savanna and James’s willingness to go the extra mile. This place is a treasure trove of Ybor City’s rich culture.

It’s famous for its live shows and tasty food, like the Spanish bean soup and the famous 1905 Salad. Every food at this restaurant, from the warm Cuban bread that comes with your meal for free to the tasty paella that makes it what it is, shows how committed they are to quality. It’s clear that this is more than just a meal when you consider the venue’s interesting past and the figure that has a story behind it. You need to make reservations if you want to see the flamenco show or escape having to wait a long time. Visitors and locals alike say that you should immerse yourself in the luxury, history, and delicious food at this must-see Tampa spot.

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