Tampa Police Investigate Fatal Dog Attack on Man With Disabilities

Image by: WFLA

Investigators in Tampa, Florida, are looking into a fatal case in which a man was found dead at his residence; there are indications that the guy’s dog may have played a role in the tragedy.

The man was discovered dead in the garage by a worried friend who had gone to the man’s house. Around 7:07 p.m., police were called to the area in response to the troubling complaint. The victim, identified as 29-year-old Alexander Andres Torres, was discovered on the ground with many dog bite injuries.

The revelation shocked the neighbors, who mentioned that Torres was disabled and lived alone. A neighbor expressed shock at the circumstances while sharing insights on the dog. Animal control arrived quickly and removed the terrier mix from the house.

Important information about the event is still unknown, such as when the attack occurred and how long it took for the corpse to be found. The medical examiner has not yet confirmed the cause of death, but police believe the man’s demise was caused by the dog’s hostility.

This emphasizes the possible risks associated with owning a dog. The American Veterinary Medical Association stated that “there are nearly 90 million good dogs in the world, but any dog can bite.” On their website, they offer preventative methods for dog bites.

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