South Shore Snow Will Stop On Monday, And It Will Stay Cool For A While


WEATHER STORY: This weekend, a cold front brought cooler weather and some light snow to parts of the South Shore. New low pressure from the northwest should come in on Monday and take the place of the low. As the pressure systems move around, the winds may stay very strong all the way through Tuesday. A Winter Weather Advisory will stay in place until Monday at noon, though, for the time being. It could snow up to eight inches there because of the lake.

SUNDAY NIGHT: It will be mostly cloudy, windy, and dry in Minnesota and most of Wisconsin, with a few light snowflakes here and there. Because of the wind, the Snow Belt has a good chance of getting more lake effect. It will be 12 degrees below zero. The wind will be 10 to 20 mph from the northwest.

MONDAY: The low-pressure system will move out, and a high-pressure system will move in. This will keep the wind going for another day. In the afternoon, there will be some sunshine. It will get as high as 33. The wind will be 5 to 15 mph from the northwest.

We will have mostly sunny skies on Tuesday because of a high. It will get down to 25. It will get to 40 degrees. The wind will be strong and come from the northwest at 15 to 25 mph.

THIS WEEK: The temperature will drop again after being 40 degrees on Tuesday. There is a small chance of snow in most places next Thursday. It might go on until next Sunday. This week, the fire risk will be very high, so that rain is needed!

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