Discover the Six Best BBQ Places in Florida: From Smokey Brisket to Spicy Griot


Miami’s BBQ scene reflects the city’s cultural, culinary, and taste diversity. The Magic City is a one-stop shop for all your barbecue requirements, including smokey brisket, juicy chicken, soft ribs, and scrumptious pig.

People in cities used to have to drive considerable distances to the suburbs and fields to enjoy juicy, tasty barbecue. Fortunately, there are now several options for great barbecue in Miami, and it is accessible all year.

Here are six of the top barbecue restaurants in Miami, Florida, ranging from cozy hideaways to trendy hangouts that serve everything from traditional Southern cooking to more daring fusion cuisine.

1. Hometown Barbecue

This New Yorker has brought the greatest Brooklyn-style barbecue to Miami’s Allapattah area. Eat half-pound portions of marbled brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and other hickory-smoked meats.

Start your supper off properly with some Frito pie or smoked brisket queso, followed by one of the many alcoholic beverages available at the bar.

2. Shiver’s BBQ

If you want to try true hickory-smoked meats that have been cooked the same manner for over 60 years, go to this Homestead location.

You won’t need sauce because the meat is so excellent, although four varieties are available if you choose. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts round out the menu, ensuring that everyone will find something they enjoy.

3. Gyu-Kaku – Japanese BBQ

Yakiniku serves authentic Japanese cuisine, with quality meats sizzling over a charcoal fire. Try some of their most popular dishes, such as the Certified Angus Kalbi Short Rib with Tare Soy Marinade and the Harami Skirt Steak marinated in Miso. Sake, shochu, or cool beers from Japan are excellent accompaniments to any dish.

4. Bon Gout

Simmered in epis for hours, this Little Haiti hidden treasure delivers smoked meats with a Haitian twist. There are other possibilities, including pilikliz (spicy cabbage slaw), beans, plantains, rice, ribs, chicken, and griot. Excellent service, fair prices, and a warm and friendly atmosphere accompany the delectable cuisine.

5. Brother and Sister’s BBQ Pit

This Miami restaurant offers soul cuisine with a Southern touch. Enjoy classic brisket, chicken, and ribs, as well as island specialties such as griot (fried pork from Haiti) and Zoe-style tacos. You can expect plenty of food, reasonable rates, and friendly service.

6. Shorty’s BBQ

For almost seventy-two years, this renowned Miami restaurant’s barbecue has consistently delivered great quality and flavor.

We use a genuine wood fire to precisely roast the meats, and we create our sauce. Try the brisket, chicken, or baby back ribs, and don’t forget to sample the creamy coleslaw and wonderful corn on the cob.


In a city known for its cultural variety, Miami’s barbecue scene stands out as evidence of its culinary riches. From the Brooklyn-style awesomeness of Hometown Barbecue to the decades-old hickory-smoked legacy of Shiver’s BBQ, Miami has a variety of barbecue options, including Japanese BBQ at Gyu-Kaku and Haitian-influenced smoked meats at Bon Gout.

Brother and Sister’s BBQ Pit adds a Southern twist to soul food, while Shorty’s BBQ, with over 72 years of history, continues to provide high-quality, tasty barbecue. Whether you prefer classic Southern cooking or experimental fusion food, Miami offers a barbecue restaurant for every taste.

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