Retirees People in Pennsylvania Are Leaving: Here’s Where They’re Settling


Most people in Pennsylvania are 40.8 years old, making it one of the oldest states in the US. Another important thing about it is that 18.2% of the people who live there are retired. But in the past few years, a lot of these seniors have been leaving the state for different reasons, like the high taxes, the cold weather, and the lack of services.

The US Census Bureau says that in 2019, 15,629 people aged 65 and up moved from Pennsylvania to other states. The business, social services, and politics of the state are all affected by this trend.

Where Do They Want to Go?

Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina are the top places for Pennsylvania seniors to go. These places are better for seniors because they are warmer, have lower taxes, and have more fun things to do.

Florida has the biggest number of residents aged 65 and up (20.9%), making it the state that retirees from all over the country most often choose. A lot of people are moving to North Carolina and South Carolina, especially retirees who want to be close to the woods or the coast.

Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee are some of the other places that have seen a lot of Pennsylvania retirees. These states also have good tax policies, a wide range of scenery, and lively cultures. This state is known for having dry, warm weather that can help people with pain or breathing issues.

Texas is a big state with lots of different places and towns for people with different tastes and ways of life. Tennessee is a great place to spend time and listen to music. It also has a low cost of living and no income tax.

What Does It Matter?

Pennsylvania’s retirees leaving the state have many effects on the state and its people. On the one hand, it can make the state’s budget less tight, since it has to pay for older social benefits like health care, pensions, and more.

It can also open up more jobs for younger people, who can fill the gaps left by seniors in many fields. But it can also hurt the state’s ability to collect taxes, get people to spend money, and have a say in politics. It can also make it hard to find trained and experienced workers, especially in jobs like teaching, healthcare, and running the government.

Also, Pennsylvania’s retirees moving to other states can change the state’s society and character. Pennsylvania’s past is long and varied, with impacts from many racial, religious, and political groups.

It is also known for customs like Groundhog Day, the Amish people who live there, and the Philadelphia cheesesteak. Some of these customs and ideals may fade or change over time as more retirees leave the state.


According to the data, Pennsylvania is having a struggle to keep its senior population, which is migrating to other states for a variety of reasons. The research reveals the top retirement locations and incentives, such as warmer weather, fewer taxes, and more activities.

The data also examines the state’s economics, politics, and culture, which can have both positive and negative consequences. This data can assist policymakers and people in understanding the difficulties and possibilities presented by Pennsylvania’s aging population.

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