Red Cross Launches Exciting Prize Incentives to Boost Blood Donations Amidst Growing Concerns of Shortages


CBS News: AMBLER, Pa. On Thursday, the American Red Cross said that donations were down across the country and that they were worried about a possible shortage in January. To get more people to donate at blood drives, the organization is offering more rewards.

Alana Mauger, Communications Manager for Southeastern Pennsylvania, said, “Yes, we are very worried about January because of how far down we are right now.”

That 30% less money was given in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware than the organization had hoped in November and December.

We’ve seen people not make appointments because they are busy with the holiday season,” said Mauger. “We’ve also seen people sign up and then not come to appointments.”

She hoped that the chance to win a big prize would get more people to drive like the one at Ambler Borough Gym on Thursday.

An LCD TV is being sold all over the country. “That way, you’d be entered into a drawing to win it,” she said.We need to collect around 600 units of blood every single day in the Penn-Jersey area, so that includes Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.”

You can sign up for this offer until the end of the year.

Beginning on January 1, donors have the chance to win Super Bowl tickets.

“That sounds like a great reason to do it. A giver from Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, said, “That should get more than 600 people out.”

He said that he has been giving since the COVID outbreak began and does so every few months. He said he agrees with the organization giving this T-shirt to all donors and holding a national drawing for bigger prizes.

Well, I think it’s great, but I probably would have given blood without the incentives,” he stated.

He also said that there is always another reason to give.

If you look at all the people in your family, your friends, who have been beneficiaries of blood, think about what would have happened if someone had not given blood in that instance,” he stated.

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