Possible blizzard coming up for the southern Plains


Our next significant weather system is expected to pass through the High Plains on Monday, January 8, 2024. Right now, forecast models show a severe low-pressure center moving into the southern Plains early Monday morning, with sustained winds of 25-40 mph in the northern panhandles and wind gusts of up to 55 mph probable.

These high winds will be accompanied by snowfall, which is currently the biggest unknown in the forecast. However, it is becoming clear that a snowstorm is on its way to the southern Plains.

Possible blizzard coming up for the southern Plains

What are the blizzard conditions?

Blizzard conditions need sustained winds of at least 35 mph and visibility of less than 1/4 mile for at least three hours due to falling or blowing snow.

We are confident that the winds on Monday will approach the threshold for a blizzard, but it is unclear if the precipitation will be heavy enough to restrict visibility to less than 1/4 mile.

Possible blizzard coming up for the southern Plains

Regardless of whether this system reaches blizzard intensity or not, it will have an impact on Monday commutes, particularly the evening commute, hence we have designated Monday, January 5th, 2024 as a WEATHER ALERT DAY for the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandles and northeast New Mexico.

Snow accumulations do not meet the criterion for blizzard conditions; nonetheless, 3-to-5 inches of snow are forecast in the northern panhandles with this storm.

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