People Are Leaving These Five Rhode Island Towns as Quickly as Possible


Rhode Island is a US small state. It has a lot of history and charm, but not everyone thinks it’s a great place to live. The US Census Bureau says that from 2021 to 2022, Rhode Island’s population fell by 0.3%. This made it one of the few states that lost people. It’s interesting to look into why people are leaving these places and what they are leaving behind. In these five Rhode Island towns, people are leaving.

1. Providence

Providence is the capital and biggest city of Rhode Island. It has a population of about 180,000 people and is home to famous schools like Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Even though Providence has a lot to offer culturally, it also has problems like high taxes, crime, traffic, and public schools that don’t do well.

Based on cost, quality of life, safety, and education, WalletHub’s study named Providence the 10th worst city in the US and the worst city in Rhode Island to live in. Zillow says that the median house worth in Providence is $223,900 and the median rent is $1,023. Because of this, many people who live there look for cheaper and better places to live within and outside of Rhode Island.

2. Woonsocket

Woonsocket is a small city in the northern part of Rhode Island that is home to about 41,000 people. It used to be a thriving industrial town. But Woonsocket is dealing with high crime, unemployment, and poverty because the industry has gone down and the Great Recession has had an effect on the area.

The typical family income in Woonsocket in 2022 was $41,136, which was much less than the state average of $67,167. The poverty rate was 22.4%, which was higher than the state average of 11.6%. The town’s population dropped by 1.2% from 2021 to 2022, which shows that people are leaving to find better chances elsewhere.

3. West Warwick

West Warwick is a town in the middle of Rhode Island with about 28,000 people. It has problems with both the economy and society. It has had a hard time because of things like low pay, high taxes, bad facilities, and drug abuse.

The US Census Bureau says that West Warwick’s median family income in 2022 was $51,736, which was less than the average of $67,167 for the state. It costs more to live than the state average of 10.8%, at 15.9%. The town’s population dropped by 0.7% from 2021 to 2022, which shows that people are unhappy with the way things are now.

4. Central Falls

Central Falls is the smallest and most heavily populated city in Rhode Island. It is in the northeastern part of the state and has about 19,000 people living in it. Even though the city is very diverse, it has problems like a budget crisis, crime, bankruptcy, and low levels of education.

The typical family income in Central Falls in 2022 was $33,520, which was the lowest in the state. Also, 31.9% of people there lived in poverty, which was almost three times the state average. The high school exit rate in Central Falls is 69%, which is lower than the state average of 86%. The town’s population dropped by 0.6% from 2021 to 2022, which could mean that people are leaving for better opportunities.

5. Newport

Newport, which is in the southeast of Rhode Island and has about 24,000 people, is a famous tourist spot and military base. Newport is known for its beautiful shoreline and old houses, but it also has some problems, especially for people who want to live somewhere affordable, stable, and full of different kinds of people.

Zillow says that the median home worth in 2022 was $608,800, which was the highest in the state. The median rent was also $1,750, which was also the highest. The town’s population dropped by 0.5% from 2021 to 2022, which suggests that people are moving to places that are cheaper and safer.


In summary, despite its history and attractiveness, Rhode Island’s population is declining, notably in municipalities such as Providence, Woonsocket, West Warwick, Central Falls, and Newport. High taxes, violence, unemployment, and economic hardships all lead to citizens looking for better possibilities elsewhere. Providence, which ranks low in many areas, and Newport, which is notorious for its high living expenses, have seen significant population declines, reflecting the obstacles these cities present to individuals seeking affordability, stability, and a varied society.

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